Futsal (Belgian Union D2) | Expected fire derby between RAAL and BSEP Morlanwelz: “Distrust on both sides”

This Friday evening, the regional derby of the Belgian D2 Union will take place in the Omnisports hall in Strépy-Bracquegnies. And both teams need the win to maintain their respective goals. The RAAL, as is known, is the bottom of the series and absolutely has to take something in every match in order not to be left behind in the rankings. The BSEP is second and cannot afford to lose feathers if it wants to stay at the top of the table in Hoboken’s wake.

The two teams also meet each other next week in Morlanwelz for the cup, this time.

On the side of the Wolves, Abdou Dendane is confident and hopes for a large part of his troops. “I think we are ready. We trained well all week, but without concentrating on the game against our evening host,” explained Louviérois’ coach. “We mainly worked on the finish, which we sorely miss these days, but also on cohesion. It is clear that on paper the BSEP is in favor of the forecasts, but it is a derby and we will try to cause problems with it. Anyway, I think the distrust is there on both sides. Given our lack of success in several matches, I hope the coin will fall in our side one day and we will do everything we can to make it happen this Friday night. We must always regret the absence of Walenne, Brahmi and Valdemi, but we can count on Gabriel Petre, who started the season with Morlanwelz but has been training with us for a few weeks. I think he will give the team a little more motivation and I sincerely hope that we will see a good meeting. »

“Avoid the Trap”

At the BSEP, suspicion is justified despite the gap between the two teams in the standings. Coach Rosario Persichetti announces: “It’s a derby, both teams need points, one to get out of the red zone and the other not to be left behind at the top of the table. There will be no difference in the motivation of the two formations. We’re obviously wary of the RAAL, because if it’s in last place, we also have to admit it’s often beaten on the smallest hole, and it’s well placed defensively. Only the finish is missing. For our part, we will be able to benefit from the return of Amelot, who returns after five weeks of suspension, while S. Canaris remains, him, still at rest, we do not want to take any risks. Everything is there this Friday night to make it a trap competition and everything will have to be done not to fall into this one. But my men are very confident, we just have to avoid falling behind, so as not to have to chase the score and run into a low defensive block. »


RAL: Claus, Henry, Oubella, Menfroid, Lippolis, Petre, El Marini, Di Stefano, Doclot, Boulman, Trapani, Zailaf, Dendane.

BSEP: Redivo, Lamalam, Waselle, Jesus Serrano, Alex Asensio, Betinho, Chiaravalle, A. and S. Canaris, De Bail, Conti, Farese, Amelot, Rahou.

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