Fujifilm X-A10, mirrorless with tilt and slide screen

As the compact camera segment suffers from competition from smartphones, mirrorless cameras have become one of the most attractive options for photography enthusiasts. the new Fujifilm X-A10 It belongs exactly to this category of products and expands the X series of which the X-A3 model was also introduced recently.

Fujifilm X-A10 with 16.3MP sensor

The new Fujifilm X-A10 is designed to deliver the best results for the most efficient professional-level users. In this sense, the camera adopts a 16.3MP APS-C sensor Which is distinguished by the quality of colors and details. Among the features of the model “Slide and tilt” type LCD screen. This screen can rotate 180 degrees which makes it very easy to click portraits and selfies. A similar approach has already been seen on the X-A3 mentioned above. In this mode, the Eye Detection AF function recognizes the presence of the subject’s eyes and adjusts focus accordingly.

The sensitivity can be set between ISO200 and ISO6400 and optionally expanded up to ISO25600. Aesthetically, the Fujifilm X-A10 features a Elegant body with many references to the classics And chromatically played on a mixture of black and silver.

Up to 410 photos per refill

High-capacity built-in batteries and intelligent power management enable the Fujifilm X-A10 to shoot Up to 410 photos per complete shipment.

In video mode you can record Full HD movies. The wireless interface allows you to control the camera even from a distance; For this purpose only, download the Fujifilm Camera Remote app available for Android, iPhone and iPad.

[Via & Photo Credits | Fujifilm]

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