From the Grillino Falcon to the Rogue, you rely on the birds to stop the work

The “No” of the environmentalists echoed from north to south. A detuned refrain that echoes through the construction sites of half of Italy. An a priori (often ideological) “No” in the name of environmental protection that slows, stops and, in the worst case, blocks public works. A “no” made up of litigation and stamped papers that the courts devour and often prove him right. Like the Tar of Apulia that decided to block the Bari Sud railway junction. A work by the Pnrr worth 406 million euros. Too much impact for the surrounding houses and especially for the carob trees that are rooted in this land where the bullet trains should have passed instead. The project needs to be revised, as well as that for the new Orte-Civitavecchia state road. This time in the heart of Tuscia. The Tar of Lazio decided to block the works after the complaint of the environmental groups. Result? A highway that was cut 14 kilometers from the end forces the hauliers to cross a series of small inland towns to reach the port of Civitavecchia. The reason? On the banks of the river (where the bridge should have been built) the Lesser Kestrel nests in summer. To oppose the project of Anas la Lipu, the WWF and Italia Nostra. The risk is that the Falcon could be hit by vehicles passing through. From hawk to tit. Also in Bari, in Puglia, the “No” chorus of environmentalists halted work on another railway junction (a Pnrr project) to protect sparrow nest sites. The first stop (in July) was overcome thanks to a regulatory intervention by the government at the time of Mario Draghi. But the fight is assured. In Molise, on the other hand, after a long struggle, in April 2022 the works for the railway duplication of the Termoli – Ripalta section were entrusted. A work that has been held captive by the usual “no” for twenty years. The apology? The nesting of another bird, the fratino. In Lesina, on the other hand, after the protests by the activists, the high-speed trains have to run on sight so as not to run over the green toad. Word from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which wrote a hundred-page statement after denouncing the associations. Meticulous notes that the builders of the new line must follow to save the toads and newts. The same animal that even prevents the demolition and reconstruction of the Diana Bridge in Sardinia. Causes many problems for citizens. Isolate yourself. The list of works that still exist is long. Like those of the battles lost by environmentalists. lucky for us. If there were the chorus of «No», we wouldn’t have a tap and petrol from Azerbaijan today. San Foca beach (endangered by environmentalists) is safe. The blue flag is flying there today. Like the color of the sea. Despite the pipeline. Given No

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