Foxconn workers are hostages in the factory: they can’t go home. Protest broke out

Watching videos of strong anti-government protests in China is not at all uncommon. It is even rarer to see violent protests led by factory workers. But this is exactly what happens in these hours: At Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory, the factory that does most of the iPhone production, workers staged massive protests against government restrictions.

Let’s talk, again, about the now infamous “bubble regime,” an integral part of the Chinese government’s zero-COVID strategy.

When you enter a facility in this situation, due to the increase in the number of infected people, The plant is completely self-isolating from the outside, with employees unable to go home at the end of a shift and forced to sleep on site.. Everything related to meals, personal hygiene, social contact and leisure time is done inside the factory without any physical contact with the outside world.

The Zhengzhou factory, as well as the city itself, were closed at the beginning of the month: What started yesterday is thus the fourth consecutive week of isolation. Too long, which apparently angered the workers, prompting them to start violent protests.

Protests, which the many videos posted on the Internet were deemed authentic, could have been met with extraordinary violence by the police. Testimonies are mounting of the use of tear gas to disperse protesters, and it is also becoming increasingly easy to witness scenes of police in riot gear beating workers.

Worker discontent is certainly nothing new: at the start of the month, Reuters news agency showed videos of some Foxconn workers trying to cordon off the asylum, angry at the lack of food and poor hygiene conditions. Then, the massive demonstration on November 15 in Guangzhou, another Chinese city, caused quite a stiras a crowd of citizens protested the health restrictions associated with the zero COVID strategy.

COVID in China slows iPhone 14 Pro production. Apple Warning: Few Parts, Delivery Delays

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Even if it takes second place after the tragic situation experienced by the workers, It seems increasingly likely that Apple, due to the protests, may find itself experiencing a Christmas marked by a lack of phones for sale. According to Reuters, continued protests at the Zhengzhou factory could reduce iPhone production by 30%.

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