Four more successes before the break?

The Tournai program before the break is affordable because “Blood and Gold” will challenge Tamines, Leopold, Monceau and Aische: just the flaccid belly teams. But the instructions do not change from now until the armistice! Slices Fabrice van Rubis right away: “There is no specific goal in terms of points, except to score as many as possible. However, we want to see the same mentality. Surely 12 out of 12 will put ‘blood and gold’ on the podium because some head-to-head confrontations between the candidates for the top five will take place during this time period. There is no expected winter transfer window at the stadium of Luke Varen! . We doubled the stops this summer. The players feel good with us because there is no abandonment and, above all, Beau and Ba, who know the club and the series, will be ready to work after the break. Here are our reinforcements! »

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