Forecast for November 25th

There are new details that we must take into account in these hours regarding the Black Friday by Zalando. Compared to what was reported a few weeks ago in our magazineIn fact, there are additional elements that we can examine to better understand the situation here Italy. The premise to start from is that the in-store offers have already started, to the point where many have already finished ordering the product of interest. Be careful though, because the best is probably yet to come.

The best of Zalando’s Black Friday isn’t here yet: what to expect in light of November 25th

So if, on the one hand, Zalando’s Black Friday is actually already actively starting with the first offers for the 2022 campaign, the forecasts for November 25th give us clear signals about what should happen tomorrow. In recent years, the store has actually achieved Offer products with 80% discount and that usually only happens on Fridays. But be careful, because the trend from 2020 tells us that “important” actions last a good three days and thus the so-called Cyber ​​Monday.

In short, limited options so far, unlike other stores. However, the compensation appears to be coming alongside more aggressive promotions in a matter of hours. The facts will tell us if things will indeed go this way given the rumors that have surfaced for the Italian public in these hours. In any case, the reduced prices should include all categories present in the shop, starting with shoesto invest aimed at men, women and children.

And are you ready for Zalando’s Black Friday? Let us know what you found interesting.

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