For Xiaomi, the world still needs pop-up camera smartphones

The relationship between Xiaomi and pop-up camera devices is more complicated than it seems. After a handful of devices with this feature, the house of Lei Jun has followed the punch hole and (like all Chinese manufacturers) has opted for the photo: a solution that leaves the display “clean” and that doesn’t compromise the phone’s structure. However xiaomi still working on one Smartphone with pop-up camera… and the proof is another patent!

Xiaomi patents a new pop-up camera mechanism for smartphones

For Xiaomi, the world still needs pop-up camera smartphones
Redmi K30 Pro

Xiaomi had to do without the pop-up camera for a very simple reason: takes up too much space! This has been confirmed by the CEO of Redmi himself, who revealed the reason for the absence of this feature in the K40 series. Because of this, the company has had to focus on the punch hole and we are currently at even very small holes.

However, secretly Xiaomi continued the work for a pop-up camera smartphone, or at least in theory. Over time, Lei Jun’s house has published various patents: we had a revolutionary solution, a curved version and even the idea of ​​a foldable one with a pop-up camera.

Xiaomi smartphone pop-up camera

In short, despite being a bulky module, Xiaomi still seems to be looking for a way to streamline everything. Another proof comes from the patent CN217883600U, submitted to the competent authority in China. Again, a movable camera mechanism is shown mounted on an electrical mount.

Xiaomi smartphone pop-up camera

In this round, we’re dealing with a simple and reliable solution that doesn’t seem particularly expensive to manufacture. In addition, it seems that it at least partially solves the space problem.

Obviously it is only a patent and it is said that this can become a reality. Maybe Xiaomi is developing this technology behind the scenes to apply it to other products of the brandbut that is a mere hypothesis.

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