Following the attack that killed Thomas Monjoie in Schaerbeek, the N-VA calls for faster action by the perpetrators of violence against the police

It is one of the eight points of an action plan presented by the nationalist party (against the federal government) in response to the fatal stabbing that killed a 29-year-old police officer, Thomas Monjoie, on November 10 in Schaarbeek.

The suspect, Yassine M., a former detainee who was on file because of his dangerousness, had threatened the police with violence in the morning, after which he was transferred by the police to the psychiatric ward of the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc in Saint-Luc. Lambrechts-Woluwe. , which he had then left.

Since 2017, the man has been on the list of “Homegrown Terrorist Fighters, terrorist fighters of local origin, of the Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis (OCAM). Various information presented him as a radicalized person, proselytizing and probably taking action for religious reasons. In February 2020, his status was upgraded to “potentially violent extremist”.

N-VA MPs Yngvild Ingels and Sophie De Wit acknowledged on Thursday that steps had already been taken in recent years to better protect police officers, but called them insufficient. “There are no miraculous solutions, but we must do everything possible so that our police officers can carry out their work in the best conditions,” they said in a press release.

In concrete terms, the N-VA has drawn up an eight-point action plan. The nationalist party proposes to set up an accelerated procedure whereby those suspected of violence against the police will be brought to justice within seven days, with an immediate verdict. Member of Parliament Kristien Van Vaerenbergh has already submitted a bill to this effect in the House.

The N-VA also wants to improve the registration of such acts of violence and proposes that the public prosecutor’s office can guarantee the anonymity of agents for longer than today. The party also wants to expand the use of body cameras by the police.

The Flemish nationalists are finally calling for an extra budget to provide free legal assistance to all police officers who are victims of violence, even if they have not suffered any physical damage during the incident and are only asking for moral compensation.

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