Flat tax, higher pensions, basic income changes. Meloni’s first maneuver

This evening the Cabinet gave the green light to the association budget maneuverwhich would have a value of approx 35 billion from the euro. The current government has worked within a very tight time frame, considering that elections were held on September 25 and the executive branch took power only a month ago. The maneuver must be approved by December 31, which means there will be little more than a month to study the rooms. “Let’s hold a press conference“After we agreed to it Georgia MeloniAnd leaving the room I asked him this afternoon if an agreement had been reached on the maneuver.

basic income

It will be 2023.”A transitional year in which all people in difficulty will be protected, and on the other hand, those who are able to work will have a decline in months the support. From 2024 we will review and work on the entire system to ensure full support for those in need and put those who can work into the world of work.“, He said Giovannibattista Fazzolare, the agent in charge of implementing the government’s programme, arrives at Palazzo Chigi for the CDM. Fadulari then added that the citizen’s income allowance for the employee will be reduced in 2023.from 12 to 8 months“. From the cabinet, it would have been clear that the discontinuance would not be only for employees. From January 1, 2024, it appears that basic income has been abolished for all, employable or not, to be replaced by a new reform.”Because we need to change 360 ​​degreesGovernment sources explained to Adnkronos in the ongoing CDM.

Pension reform

It also became clear from the Cabinet that a one-year phased solution would be studied to overcome Fornero’s law. Therefore, the introduction of the 103rd quota is envisaged but only for the year 2023, which will lead to the introduction of the retirement age at 62 years with 41 years of active contributions. also “female choice“Changes with the introduction of the Contributory Account. In this way, female workers can receive pension treatment with significantly reduced requirements. From government sources during the ongoing CDM, it is seen that the ‘Women’s Choice’ is being extended by one year, but that can be linked By the number of children: you will leave at 58 with two or more children, at 59 if you have only one child. Moreover, the increase in the minimum pension from 523 euros to about 600 euros must also be included in the budget.

tax reform

And government sources explained to Adnkronos that the CDM may this evening give the green light for an extension Flat tax Up to €85,000 entry for VAT figures. There will also be an additional flat tax of up to 15% for the self-employed. But an increase in the tax exemption from 30 to 35% for small and medium-sized enterprises will also be on the table to mitigate the effects of higher energy prices.

Childbirth incentives and helping families

The executive branch also voted and approved an increase inone check Even for those who have their first child. To his knowledge, in addition to double Lump sum increase From the only comprehensive allowance for large families starting with the third child, which will range from 100 to 200 euros, you will also receive enhanced support for the first child. He explained that it is a “great” package for the family and birth rate.

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