Flash 120 and 150 GB are available

Eliad participates in Black Friday by launching two new offers. In fact, starting today, the mobile carrier is making its “Limited Edition” offer available to new and existing customers flash 120which will be active until December 15, and the new “standard” offer 150 GB Which replaces the previous Giga 120 and offers the same price but a larger data package and guarantees network accessibility Fifth generation network. New offers made today The Iliad already available for activation. Here are all the details:

Iliad launches two new offers: Giga 150 and Limited Edition Flash 120 available for Black Friday

The The Iliad Black Friday Go early with a major update on the range of offers available. The first news is Flash 120 Also, as the name suggests, the offer represents a limited time for which the operator “celebrates” the period of Black Friday, and extends it. Until next December 15th. With Flash 120 it is possible to have unlimited minutes and text messages for everyone in Italy, unlimited minutes from Italy to 60 international destinations and 120 GB on 4G every month (This offer does not guarantee access to 5G).

The offer also includes unlimited minutes and text messages and up to 7GB per month for EU roaming. The flash show cost iliad equals 7.99 euros per month With a one-time activation fee of €9.99. As with all other offers of the operator, this tariff is also available with price forever And with all additional services already included in the monthly fee.

Note that this offer is open to everyone the new Clientwith or without the possibility of transferring numbers from another operator, as well as for Agents of the Iliad already Who can request a change of offer from the Personal Area of ​​the Iliad website (but only if they activate a tariff between Voice, Giga 30 and Iliad offer € 5.99, Giga 40, Giga 50, Giga 80 and Flash 100 on their SIM card). There is time until December 15, as indicated above, to activate the flash offer on the operator’s website.

The second novelty of the iliad price list for black friday is 150 GB, an offer that replaces the 120 Giga, increasing the number of gigabytes of available data traffic without changing the price. The new tariff proposed by Iliad includes unlimited minutes and text messages for everyone in Italy, unlimited minutes from Italy to 60 international destinations and 150 GB in 4G and 5G every month.

The cost, as mentioned, does not change. The show continues to offer fees 9.99 euros per month With a one-time activation fee of €9.99. Unlike the flash offer, this new price has no expiration date. As for the price, the required monthly fee is “forever” and all additional services are already included at no additional cost.

Again, this is an offer available with the possibility of transferring numbers from another operator and by ordering a new number. Up to Giga 150 can be activated by existing customers, through the personal area of ​​the operator’s website, but only if one of these offers is active on your SIM card: Voice offers, Giga 30, iliad € 5.99, Giga 40, Giga 50, Giga 80, Flash 70, Flash 100, Flash 100 5G, 100G, Flash 120.

For those who choose 150 gigabytesIn addition, there is the possibility, remember, to activate Eliadbox The fiber width suggested by the operator, with reduced fees. By activating an offer of at least 9.99 euros in monthly fees, in fact, it is possible to obtain a discount of 5 euros per month on Iliad fibers which will thus be activated in 19.99 euros per month Instead of €24.99 per month (with a one-time activation of €39.99).

150 GB Iliad

How to activate Iliad’s new Flash 120 and Giga 150 for Black Friday

The two new Iliad performances Launched on Black Friday Available to all new customers (with or without portability) as well as for current customers (With compatible offers and the possibility of requesting a change of offer via the personal area of ​​the operator’s website). For activation for new customers, the available options are different. New Iliad performances can be activated by going to a store The Iliad or across operator site. There is also a third option to activate one of the Iliad performances. New customers interested in one of the new rates offered by the provider can Buy a SIM card on the Unieuro website with free home delivery.

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