Five representatives of Florev attend Les Anges

All DéFI representatives from Hrolev join the ranks of Engages. Oliver Trips, Cedric Duque, Stephanie Strobants, Maxime Depontin and Vanessa Laurent made the announcement Wednesday.

The elected officials are current partners of the RPF, the majority of whom are already involved in Maxime Prévot’s political campaign. The five delegates said they were happy that the majority change that took place about a year ago has breathed new life into Flolev.

“The new team is getting along very well and these strong relationships fostered by mutual respect and important joint projects with Frolev have brought us closer to Engadje.”

“DéFI’s recent refusal to constitute a broader political platform that is grounded in the field, has the courage to change traditional politics, and offers practical solutions has finished persuading us,” he said. He went on to say that the projects committed were “modern” and that they were relevant to people’s daily lives.

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