First similarities between Samsung Galaxy S23 and iPhone 14 leaked today

There are some particularly interesting clues for those who follow the history of history closely Samsung Galaxy S23especially with regard to the first comparisons with theiPhone 14 which was marketed in a few months ago Italy and in the rest of the world. This time we’re not talking about software development, contrary to what happened during the week in our magazine about the earliest possible To update designed for the top of the range that arrives between January and February but with different specifications as will be seen below.

This revealed potential similarities between the Samsung Galaxy S23 and iPhone 14 compared to the official presentation

What are the elements to analyze with great attention for anyone thinking of taking home a Samsung Galaxy S23? Waiting for official presentation, perhaps planned in a few months, we must take note of what was reported by SamMobile today, November 24th. As everyone knows, with the release of the new iPhone 14 series, Apple introduced a revolutionary feature that the devices in question have Ability to link to satellites in low Earth orbit scattered around the world, allowing them to be used for emergency communications.

It seems that the Koreans were so impressed with this Apple-guaranteed plus that Samsung seems poised to bring a similar feature to its high-end smartphones, which will be launched in early 2023. Notably, the company appears willing to work with a partner of caliber Iridium Communications to bring some kind of satellite communication system to the Galaxy S23.

According to the latest rumors gathered, the company seems to be working on bringing it Text messaging and sharing low resolution images on Samsung Galaxy S23 via satellite communication. We’ll see what the differences with the iPhone 14 will be.


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