Firefox 108 Beta: WebMIDI is now enabled by default

Enterprise developer team Mozilla He just released the new update of the stable branch of Red Panda Browser. In fact, a few days ago we told you about the release of Firefox 107 and the introduction of full support for Power Profiling on Linux and macOS. However, the programmers of the project are not resting and have already started distributing the new beta version, ie Firefox 108. This new beta version incorporates some interesting innovations designed to tangibly improve the user’s workflow, for example, one of the most interesting innovations relates to the default enablement of the collection of libraries web midi.

WebMIDI is an application programming interface (API) that web developers can use to create a Firefox interface with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) devices. This feature has already been present in the browser for quite some time but the functionality is not enabled by default because it was considered by the Mozilla developer team to not be fully stable yet. However, it was decided in Firefox 108 beta that this feature is almost fully mature and should therefore remain enabled by default also in a future stable release of Red Panda.

WebMIDI therefore allows various web applications to interact without problems with MIDI devices connected to the user’s computer or tablet/smartphone. Thus, this allows those who play a musical instrument, such as an electronic keyboard, connected to a computer to compose, play and reproduce songs directly from a browser without necessarily having native software installed on their device.

WebMIDI support thus opens the door to a whole series of services dedicated to musicians and in fact improves the already good Firefox user experience. Also in this beta, color correction is supported for all sets of images tagged with the ICCv4 profile.

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