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The executive, as explained by the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloniseeks a renewed relationship between tax authorities and taxpayers, and the maneuver reflects this appropriately. This is how the ideas unveiled by the government two weeks ago are taking shape, which do not envisage real amnesties but relief so that taxpayers can regulate their respective positions towards the state treasury.

The line adopted is that of scrapping of folders in relation to loans that are no longer payable and the installment without penalties and interest of the taxes to be paid.

The scrapping of folders

Folder issued until 2015 and lower than 1,000 euros they will be cancelled. The government has taken into account the fact that most of the loans are rather bad, as explained by Deputy Economy Minister Maurizio Leo, who clarified the line of the fiscal peace by focusing on the fact that, according to the Court of Auditors, the folders are so old are usually to the extent of reimbursable 6%-7% and keeping them in stock would cause unjustified collection costs.

The installment plan

The folders registered up to 2015 amount to more than 1,000 euros however, they must be paid for with the possibility of installments up to 5 years without penalties and interest. Positions to be regularized without discounts or penalties.

Also for the amounts not paid in the years after 2015, for which no tax assessments have been issued, there is no question of an amnesty, explained Deputy Minister Leo. Taking into account the difficulties caused by the covidthe government felt it was necessary to reduce the burden of sanctions in order to facilitate taxpayers’ payments to the Treasury. A line that, however, cannot be described as soft or loose.

tax returns

Deputy Minister Leo tightened the focus on tax returns between 2019 and 2021, acknowledging taxpayers’ difficulty in paying the amount due to tax authorities, opening up to installment payments 5 years with 3% increase. On the other hand, those who have declared too little can make use of the voluntary repentance with the possibility of payment in two years and a fine of 5%. In cases in which the evasion has already been contested, the option comes into force of always paying a 5% fine in 5 years or the taxpayer can refer to the tax comparison, i.e. a Negotiations with the tax office to reduce the amount claimed by him.

The government does not want to forgo tax revenue, but rather weaken the relationship between the state treasury and the taxpayer.

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