Finale of La Porta Rossa 3 “Everything has a beginning and an end”

of final date red door 3 It should not be left open. All storylines are then closed.this is what he hinted at Gabriella Petionduring an interview with Nuovo TV.

An interpreter for Anna Meyer said she was happy with the path her character took and how the story unfolded. Rai2 fiction ends with a finale so red door 3broadcast on Wednesday, February 1:

I believe that everything has a beginning and an end. It’s a natural, perfect narrative evolution that ends in an organic, unstretched way.

and think about it first red door It was considered differently. Petshon explained: “Imaginen Initially, we were only thinking of one season. Fortunately, ratings and public affection led the author to repentSalsi.

the success of red door is also the causeGreat cast and great alchemy between the two main characters Gabriela Peción and Lino GuancialeThey have known each other for several years and the actress spoke of the special relationship that unites them:

Lino Guanciale has become a brother to me over the years. On set, we were always accomplices and supporting each other. However, when playing cards, we were always in competition. In such a situation, Lino comes up with the unimaginable “cazzimma”..

the ending of red door 3 Scheduled for Rai2 on Wednesday, February 1st. But tonight, the penultimate episode airs, and an audio message sent on the night of the blackout changes every perspective on Anna’s investigative path, calling into question the already troubled relationship between Vanessa and Cagliostro. Worried about Vanessa’s accident, Philip returns to his original world, and Paolet uses Andrea to obtain information about her partner Stella.

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