Final stages of restoration work on the Vieille-Montagne site of Grace Ologne

The vast Vieille-Montagne site, located between the Hôtel Communal in Grace Ologne, the streets of Des Louis, Corradios and Michel Bodie, is in the final stages of restoration, SPAQUE said through a press release.

After carrying out site maintenance (deforestation and shrub clearing along rue Michel Bodie) at the end of 2022, SPAQUE will undertake two punctual pollution spot cleanup operations as well as geotechnical and environmental protection of the entire embankment. Starting. Unrepaired areas of the site.

In parallel with these operations, SPAQUE will also proceed with the relocation of the old locks carrying the ‘Le Golet’ stream and the installation of new channels within this framework.

Once remediation is complete, the site is backfilled, reprofiled and seeded.

In October 2022, a briefing session was held for local residents to explain future initiatives in detail. This reflects the progress of the Local Orientation Plan, an urban planning tool introduced by the municipalities of SPAQUE and Grace Ologne to identify the different uses of the 24-hectare site, namely some areas that will meet future needs. It was also an opportunity to check For housing and shops while taking into account the economic potential of the area.

a little history

The development of the Vieille-Montagne site began in 1846 with the construction of a zinc foundry, the firm “Houillère et fonterie Valentin-Cocq”. For nearly 125 years, the plant has been dedicated to the production of zinc from ore and coal, extracted first locally and then from external deposits. In 1912 the plant was the world’s largest zinc production unit with a capacity of 42,000 tons per year.

Activity at the old foundry came to a complete halt in 1982.

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