Fiido X Review: A Great E-Bike That Keeps Its Promise

Fiido X has been a great success with crowdfunding even before its release! The final version is now available for almost 1800 euros, after the first version failed to boot due to a serious manufacturing defect. I was able to test the Fiido X. Here’s what we thought about this electric bike.


  • understated cool design
  • Excellent autonomy of 130km
  • Equipment complete with mudguards and stands
  • Lots of ride quality thanks to the torque sensor

Less than

  • Heavy weight for a folding bike
  • Complicated boot process
  • no stop
  • No chain guard

Fiido X in a nutshell

The Fiido X is a well-designed and stylish folding e-bike. When folded, it stands on its own with a magnet, but the total weight is around 20kg, which is too heavy to be practical. It has a unique feature, the torque sensor, that provides a particularly dynamic driving experience.

Fiido X has two versions. The 250 W and 350 W versions are available at the manufacturer’s online store for €1799. Use promo code ‘FX20’ when purchasing as a NextPit reader and save €200 on your purchase. The price is therefore between 1799 and 1599 euros.

Note: This test was conducted in cooperation with the manufacturer, Fiido. This did not affect my edits to this test.

DESIGN AND FINISH: A well thought out concept!

Fiido X is a folding e-bike with two points of folding. This results in a compact size of 79.4 x 35.0 x 80.3 cm, which can be carried as hand luggage on trains. Total weight is 20kg.

Fiido X in einer Grossaufnahme.

Fiido X’s visuals are really beautiful. / © Next Pit

i loved

  • stylish design

  • Intuitive folding mechanism with magnetic closure
  • Built-in battery lock

i didn’t like

  • too heavy to carry
  • Overly complicated starting mechanism
  • lack of suspension
  • Lack of chain protection

The design of the Fiido X can be described as “impressive”. Fiido has big ambitions for folding bikes, as it uses the motto “Find Your X Factor” as its e-bike slogan. I personally find the simple lines of the integrated front and rear lights and the thick seat post with the built-in battery very appealing. Besides pale blue, I wanted a black variation.

To fold the Fiido X, you must first bend the handlebars down using the locking device, then fold the e-bike in half. Conveniently, Fiido has attached magnets to both tires to help keep the bike stable when folded. Fiido shows with the A20 XE that it’s much smarter than the Ado, and it often unfolds when worn.

Unfortunately, the Fiido X is as heavy as its Chinese competitors. With a total weight of 20 kg, it is quite difficult to climb stairs, for example. Keep this in mind if you miss your train or tend to be late. Since the battery is fixed to the seat post, it also cannot distribute the weight so that it can be removed and slung over the shoulder like a bag like the Brompton Electric.

Removing the battery requires going through a rather complicated unlocking process. First, you have to turn on the bike using the switch under the saddle. Then you have to enter the unlock code and wait for a slight click. Next you need to loosen the clamp that holds the seatpost in place and remove the battery.

When turned on, the complexity of Fiido X is about the same as the complexity of the Hellraiser puzzle. The bike starts under the saddle. Then you have to enter the unlock code until you hear him beep 3 times. Finally, you need to hold down the button on the underside of the on-board computer for 3 seconds. All of this only works if you push down on the saddle he clamp until the contacts engage. According to the manufacturer’s information, the complex unlocking process helps effectively protect against battery theft. To do this, we recommend setting an individual unlock code from the beginning using the entry field above the rear wheel.

Feed x Frontlicht.

Fixed front and rear lights of Fiido X / © NextPit.

Conversely, if you want to adjust the saddle during your trip, you have to turn off the Fiido X. Readjustment during commuting is troublesome. Also, there is no suspension or chain guard on top of the crankset, which is very intrusive. Therefore, it is recommended to roll up the pants while driving, as there is a high risk of the pants getting dirty while traveling.

Note: The first version of Fiido X has been recalled

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Fiido X’s market launch was marred by massive quality issues. Thus, the e-bike was broken in half by several users. Fiido had to recall an electric bike already on sale because it was unsafe to occur at high speeds. In his second version of the Fiido X tested, the manufacturer says the problem has been eliminated.

In terms of finish quality, we had nothing to complain about during our testing, especially in that the frame lacked articulation.

power and driving pleasure

For this test, Fiido sent me the 250 W version.With my featherweight of about 70 kg, the Fiido X was able to reach a top speed of 25 km/h quickly and reliably The Fiido X’s braking is provided by hydraulic disc brakes.

Tretrager Fido X.

The crankset is equipped with sensors that dynamically adapt the assist. / © Next Pit

i loved

  • Potential to have more power for the same price
  • “Smooth” pedal force detection
  • strong brakes

i didn’t like

  • Hydraulic brakes are a bit too weak by default
  • Front light remains fixed when steering

Fiido sent me a less powerful version of the Fiido X, but I was able to get around Berlin safely and quickly during my testing. The driving feel is more comparable to the Brompton Electric than the Ado A20 XE. This is because, unlike the A Dece Oasis (ADO), the Fiido has a built-in torque sensor that detects your pedaling force. Three levels of support adjust the intensity of the supportive intervention.

Fiido X Pincode-Eingafeld.

To unlock Fiido X you need to enter the code / © NextPit.

So you can move Fiido X at slow speeds even when the assist is enabled. This is much more comfortable than e-bikes where the assist level only lowers the top speed.

Shimano 7-speed derailleurs are useful when you need to move unaided, such as when your battery dies. The maximum speed is set to 25km/h for smooth running. This is an added advantage for the Fiido X compared to its competitors who tend to be fast and pedal too often.

Fiido X An-Schalter am Akku.

Fiido X’s start button is right under the saddle / © NextPit.

The Fiido comes standard with two powerful disc brakes combined with hydraulic brake control. From a purely theoretical point of view, this gives better braking performance than mechanical brakes. At the same time, the braking system requires little maintenance. However, the Fiido X’s brakes are quite slow, so a little tweaking is recommended.

The bike’s design still poses problems for the lighting system when riding in the dark. In fact, Fiido integrates a rear and front light that are fixed to the frame.

Autonomy and durability

At first glance, the Fiido X looks like a traditional folding bike because the battery is housed in the seat post. The charging port is right under the saddle and the charger is in the box. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the tested 250 W version achieved a range of up to 130 km.

i loved

  • Excellent autonomy of 130km

  • Discreet battery location
  • Battery that can be charged outside the electric bicycle

i didn’t like

  • Complicated battery removal

One of the main features of the Fiido X during the crowdfunding campaign is its extremely long autonomy of 130 km. This autonomy is made possible thanks to a very large battery with a capacity of 417.6 Wh hidden in the seat post. This design is not unusual for e-bikes and allows the Fiido X to look like a classy traditional bike.

Fido X edge computer.

Computer with Fiido X / © NextPit

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 infection that lasted for almost a week and a half, I was not able to take advantage of my great autonomy. We will update this section as soon as the battery runs out. However, the datasheet can specify that the indication refers to the 250 W version, with the 350 W version supposed to reach 110 km.

The battery recharges in 7 hours, so you can recharge it overnight. To avoid carrying his Fiido X around the apartment, you can remove the battery and charge the bike without bringing it to the apartment. It comes with a charger, but unfortunately lacks a progress indicator.

Fido X Setup 06

The charger is included in the box / © Fiido

Fiido offers a 12-month warranty on the battery of the new Fiido X. The battery is designed for 800 charging cycles, which is a total of 91,000 km for the 250 W variant and 77,000 km for the 250 W variant. Equivalent to mileage 350W.


After a complicated start, the Fiido X has taken the global market by storm as a durable folding e-bike. Our tests have shown Fiido’s concept to be very compelling. This high-quality folding bike is easy to assemble and, thanks to a sensitive torque sensor, even the less powerful version is convincingly fun to drive.

With quality flaws resolved, the Fiido X is built for the big city thanks to dual hydraulic disc brakes and solid lights. Yes, this is a problem with folding bikes. Also, the ergonomics are too complicated, with a few buttons, a cord to enter, and a saddle clamp to close the electrical circuit.

Overall, the Fiido X is a great folding e-bike, but it has to stand the test of time. Indeed, quality flaws linger in our minds until months after launch, when no new issues are reported.

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