Fewer and fewer smartphones are being sold and more and more iPhones are being sold

According to the data and analyzes conducted by the company canalis In the world this year it was sold out Fewer smartphones And the only company that has managed to keep up with the market is Apple, which has even managed to grow. Overall, it shipped in the third quarter of 2022 globally 297.8 million range of smartphones 9% decrease Compared to the 325.6 million phones shipped in the third quarter of 2021, a total of 27.8 million fewer phones. appleOn the other hand, it was the only product that recorded an 8% year-on-year growth.

Smartphone: who goes up and who goes down

Hardware sales from high end suffer Less losses, while mid-range devices have been more interesting since the downturn. As Canalys analyst Runar Pirovdi explains:On the Android front, Samsung has revamped its foldable device line-up and significantly ramped up marketing efforts to generate interest and demand for its new flagship phones. But demand from the lower to mid range has been hit making it difficult for sellers to emerge in a competitive sector. Xiaomi has managed to capitalize on a global scale with a revamped product lineup to offset declines in its home market. Oppo and Vivo are still being hit hard by the downturn in the Chinese market, but both are showing small signs of recovery“.

samsungHowever, he keeps a scepter The first factory in the world of smartphones and remained at the top despite smartphones shipping 8% less in the third quarter of 2022. Overall, the Korean company shipped it well. 64.1 million phones It means that the company’s market share remained unchanged at 22%.

Smartphone manufacturers: ranking

quite yet samsungin the ranking of global sellers apple which shipped 53 million iPhones up 8% compared to the same third quarter but from the previous year so the Cupertino company now has 18% of the global market from smart phones.

In third place we find Xiaomi, which like Samsung suffered an 8% drop in shipments in the third quarter. The company has shipped 40.5 million smartphones, covering 14% of the global market with its products.

oppo It finished in fourth place, but it also experienced the largest year-over-year shipment decline of 22% even though it shipped 28.5 million phones during the quarter for a market share of 10%.

Finally in fifth place it is placed I live which shipped 27.4 million phones in the third quarter, down 20% from a year ago and occupying 9% of the market.

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