Fast Pair arrives on Wear OS 3.0 smartwatches

At CES 2022, Google announced it quick pairs It will come to many devices, from Chromebooks to Google TV / Android TV to Matter-enabled devices. Chromebooks will become compatible this summer as today we (surprise) find out that Big G has implemented the Fast Pair protocol on Wear OS 3.

Wear OS 3.0 supports quick pairing

9to5Google spotted this extension in the system update newslog. In the department “device connections” Reported: “Quick pair on Wear OS to allow previously paired headphones to be detected and connected to wearable devices”. an update Available via Google Play Services v22.24 updated 06/24/2022.

According to information from the English media, this update is not available everywhere yet.

The Fast Pair addition will allow you to quickly pair your headset or headphones with the connected watch. The audio products are already added to your Google account, allowing you to pair them on a smartwatch using the same account. So the idea is to use headphones to listen to the music stored in the watch, even without having your smartphone with you when you go to training.

Google is preparing for its smart watch

At the moment, the only watches with Wear OS 3 are the latest models from Samsung. However, with this update, we can obviously expect Google to add Fast Pair to future Pixel Watch this fall.

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