Fantasy Environment Design – From Drawing to Finale

Do you want to boost your level in digital painting? In collaboration with the site, we offer online training by Raphaël Lacoste, artistic director in the video game industry.

Who is this video course for?

This one Photoshop Tutorial and Procreate is for people who have a solid foundation in the software. This project is commented with accelerated stages and the level of technical explanation is advanced.

The training program

During 1h30 lessons you will explore different techniques of concept art and digital painting. You create a richly detailed, high-quality Matte Painting illustration. Here is the detailed program:

  • drawing the concept in Procreate or other drawing software;
  • working with textures in Photoshop;
  • the light ;
  • the atmosphere;
  • etc

By the end of the course, you will know how to bring to life an environmental concept drawing that can be used for a movie or video game project.




The design of the fantasy environment

To give you an overview, here is a video from this training where you will discover the expected objectives of this training.

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