Fake Fans and Beer-hungry Throats: The World’s Bad Circus Premiere

Tell us the names of three players from Qatar? The question is direct, but it comes off smoothly. The answer has to be informal. Especially if you’re wearing the shirt of the national team hosting the World Cup. Rather nisba. The astronomical void. Crowds of fans flash mysterious smiles outside Al Bayt Stadium and stroll past. The reporter tries Another coterie of ardent Qatari fans objected, but the result was still disappointing. There are those who accept the shirt without having the slightest idea who is the center forward of the national team. Who waves cheering flags, ignores beautifully who defends the poles.

It is the pouring of melted plastic on the feelings of those who seriously believe in it, along with the barrage of contradictions it hides. Among those who think it can be both an excuse and an escape route, a metaphor for being in accordance with the vagaries of football seasons. Try closing your eyelids and visualizing for a moment Paul Ashworth from Ninety Fever I fell into this emotional desert. inconceivable. Because football — he says, staring at the ceiling in one of the most intimate parts of the film — means so many things to him. And a lot still means. An amazing yet necessary juxtaposition.

Fan cosplayers It is the latest drift in a sport that has pulled itself up, saddled with tons of banknotes capable of silencing any noise. So when the building falls you don’t feel it. In Qatar, he is going through the worst possible publicity stunt. The prevailing feeling is that everything has a price and everything can be squeezed into the shopping cart, with a credit card thick enough. No hot water to plunge into: barrows were known to move the convoy, however We never got there. Princes takes sterilization romance to a new, unknown level.

They are in the middle A few Ecuadorian fans shouting from the stands: “Queremos Cerveza!”. They want beer, but they’ve banned it here. The appeal is filed against the sky of Qatar, advancing it not to bear fruit. They will remain empty-handed, because here religion merges with the law and patience with double barley fetishes.

But to examine it this way, this opening really seems to be In the middle of a circus show. The actors are poorly played (rewarded generously?), mixed into a thirsty crowd. Feelings of plastic for dull eyes.

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