Facebook will soon remove four information fields from user profiles

For quite some time, Facebook has allowed its users Publicly share their address, religion, political views, and sexual orientation on their profile pages. However, soon – more precisely, on December 1 – Meta will remove these fields from its platform.

A spokesperson told Meta TechCrunch that the change is part of the company’s efforts to “make Facebook easier to navigate and use.” The representative also said that Meta is currently sending out notifications to users who have filled in these fields informing them that these fields will soon be deleted.

However, the spokesperson emphasized that this change does not affect the ability to share this information elsewhere on Facebook.

Consultant Matt Navarra was the first to report this change. He tweeted the notification your Meta is currently sending. In addition to notifying users of the change, the post stresses that all other details, including contact details and basic information, will remain in users’ profiles.

It is interesting to note that The fields Meta wants to remove from Facebook do not exist on other platforms Like Instagram and TikTok, for example. Yes, you can share more information about yourself if you wish, but these platforms do not give you fields that encourage you to go into such specific details.

Also, religion, political opinions, and sexual orientation have always been very personal. So it is logical that few people would like to share it publicly on social networks. There is no point in maintaining these fields if they are only used by a small group of people in the entire user base.

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