Everything is valid for CGIL: meeting at university during class hours

First the Soviet anthem (watch video), nowOctopation of university.there is CGIL attention again. In recent weeks, the union has actually held two of his meetings. parliament Within the public universities of Teramo and Turin. “A deliberately politicized conference that also exhibited certain symbols and a clear political orientation.”the representative of the Italian brothers Chiara La Porta and Fabio Roscani,interrogation Minister of Research, Anna Maria Bernini University. “The use of university space by non-university subjects must always be scrutinized according to the principles of pluralism and free expression.”.

“CGIL’s ardent presence in universities, which certainly does not hide its political ties to the Left, underscores the excessive power they have wielded over the decades in the research and development arena of critical thinking, including universities. is a symbol ofhe saysl Giornale.it Nicola D’Ambrosio, Chancellor of Azione Universitaria, said: “We are wondering how organizing union renewal events can pass as an initiative of organizational interest or of great importance to the university community. Full and uncontroversial use of university space. Cultural events outside the scope of appointment”.

The use of university space is reserved for events associated with them, or for the benefit of the country or organization, ensuring trade union meetings cannot fail. “It’s always the same story – La Porta explains to ilGiornale.it – ​​third-party places such as schools and universities are instead used for their own use and consumption, as left-wing branch offices. , used for partisan events and gatherings, disregarding third parties..

But there are more. And that’s the cost CGIL should have paid or should have paid to the university.Congressional questions also concern the possibility free concession The presidents of both universities could have done to CGIL. However, according to the 2022 regulations, Teramo University stipulates that the event will cost about 860 euros per day to use the 556-seat Great Hall where the conference was held.. Piedmont The University offers an hourly rate that waives donations only for exhibitions, scientific or humanitarian events directly promoted by the University. is also unknown.

In question, the agent of the Italian brother asks “We confirm that the conditions under which the use of university space is permitted must be evaluated on a rigorous standard of compliance, both from an economic perspective and from the perspective of the type of event itself.” with the principle of free expression.”. “For too long the politicization of these places has been allowed to the point where it is not considered normal at all – concludes the Honorable La Porta – we are We will fight to make the place a true place of research again. Research, deepen, train and inspire for all students.”.

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