European Parliament gives green light for 18 billion in aid to Ukraine

The European Parliament on Thursday gave the green light to an exceptional loan of EUR 18 billion to Ukraine, which the EU plans for 2023. 6.

The European Parliament supported the mechanism with a very large majority: 507 votes in favour, 38 against (including the three Vlaams Belang MEPs) and 26 abstentions (including PTB MEP Marc Botenga).

All this falls under the aid proposed by the Commission on 9 November, which it qualifies as “macro-financial assistance +”. This will be a series of regular loans, agreed in advance, during the year 2023. The Commission would borrow itself on the financial markets and then lend to Ukraine on favorable terms, for repayment from 2033. The interest costs would be paid by Member States. billion euros” per month.

Hungary, in a battle to get European funds that could escape it (cohesion funds possibly frozen over rule of law issues and recovery plan not yet approved), has so far rejected the idea of ​​validating this financial support. Last week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said he preferred bilateral financial aid from each of the 27 to Ukraine over a joint loan.

On December 6, the vote in the EU’s Ecofin Council (economics and financial affairs) should be on the agenda alongside other delicate votes, including the one on the possible freezing of cohesion funds earmarked for Hungary and the one on the minimum tax of multinationals (OECD agreement), which was also recently blocked by Budapest.

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