Epson abandons laser printers. From 2026 only cold inkjet printers to reduce consumption

Stop selling and distributing laser printers as of 2026, to support only the most sustainable cold inkjet printing technology. This is what Epson has decided, as part of a 100 billion yen – just under 700 million euro – plan for sustainable innovation.

Epson’s cold inkjet printing technology, unlike other printing methods, It does not require any heat to get the ink out. In fact, a simple pulse is applied to the piezoelectric element responsible for the ejection process, which changes its shape. This deforms the element, allowing ink to escape.

compared to laser technology, Being able to print without having to heat up the print element translates to lower energy consumption. Furthermore, cold inkjet printing technology provides fewer moving and consumable parts within the printer, while reducing maintenance times and costs.

The decision to abandon the laser printer market corresponds to our choices, which cannot be linked to commercial interests alone.” Commented Massimo Pezuccheri, Managing Director, Epson Italy. “Our company aspires to sustainable innovation and laser printers do not fit that image, as they consume more than inkjet models and require more consumables. “

Our entire activity will focus on the piezoelectric head cold inkjet technology, which we have proprietary. Thus, we will be able to provide effective and sustainable printing solutions to partners and companiesPetzocry concludes.

Introducing the multifunctional WorkForce Enterprise AM-C designed for small and medium-sized offices

Then Epson introduced the WorkForce Enterprise AM-C multifunction desk. The solution is designed for small and medium-sized offices, It has a print speed of 40 to 60ppm.

The device also scores points with its compact size and light weightPlus a C-shaped sheet feeder that reduces jam risks and improves reliability. It has a handling capacity of 5,150 sheets, while the OCR scanning speed is between 60 and 120ppm.

The 10.1-inch front panel complements the technical equipment And an inner and outer double stacker with paper stacking, perforating and envelope printing functions.

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