Enzo Carra has died.His arrest in handcuffs was symbolic of Tangentepoli

The world of politics mourns the death of Enzo Cara, 80, the historic secretary of journalist, politician Arnaldo Forlani and press director of Washington, DC. His illustrious career fell apart when he was arrested in 1993 for an Anymont bribery scandal.The photo of the handcuffed wrists (at the time, the issue of Carla Scavettoni became a hot topic) became a symbol of the season when the judiciary crossed the boundaries of the separation of powers and unrestrained political struggles unfolded. Resentment at the treatment arranged for him was cross-cutting, but few had the courage to speak out against a system that seemed invincible and unstoppable at the time. reformist she said: “I was innocent, but they tried to handcuff me as a political symbol in which Mani Purit Pour had won.”.

The politics and parties of the First Republic were about to be wiped out by a very powerful media and judicial current. The crisis in the Italian regime may have been felt in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, but it was also felt in the rulings of the republican presidents Pertini and Cosiga. political. Corriere della Sera February 20, 1993, headed “A Forlani man is in a cell.” And from the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Milan they leaked:”He didn’t tell me where Anymont’s bribes went“.

Senator and Professor of Constitutional Law Andrew Manzella Here’s how he remembers Kara’s disappearance:”The handcuffed unfair performance he sacrificed represents everything justice should not be. I traveled with him in Cuba, and I have a moving memory of how he went to great lengths to visit the wife of a political prisoner and to encourage the minority dissidents of that regime. It was against all forms of totalitarianism and had a great culture.”.

His belligerence in the Christian Democratic Party allowed him to follow and become acquainted with major figures in the First Republic. Forlani – As mentioned, he was a very close collaborator – Moro, Andreotti, Demita. “His” Forlani in 1992 was one of his candidates for the Quirinale, but was sunk by snipers. Andreotian perhaps? It was his “friend” Giulio who challenged him. DC leaders launched the CAF (Craxi-Andreotti-Forlani), a government and power pact between Socialists and Christian Democrats in the 1980s.

About that delicate passage Paolo Chirino Pomicino He told Giornale.it:I got a call from Nino Cristofori from Palazzo Chigi. “Forlani has just left the presidential palace and I have confirmed that the candidate is Giulio. Please come at once, because I have to organize myself to do the job”.Arriving at Andreotti’s studio Who called my cell phone when we were talking? Enzo Scotti – As always! -Who said to me: “Doroti, we, the Forlani region, have decided that Forlani is the candidate”. , in my presence Arnaldo said, contrary to what he had said before: Rebellion… De Mita, my friends and many others are causing a series of problems…. second time after a meeting held by the second stream in Gerardo Bianco’s studio phone call, we decided to proceed to Forlani. ”.

In the end, after a series of events even outside the party, Forlani couldn’t make it, and according to Carla, Andreotti tried to get back into the race, as a key ex-socialist had told him. , were Andreotti’s men really snipers?We were snipers at first. yes. But there was also another group of Christian Democrat politicians from Campania who would never say that!”. Mario SigniA prominent figure in DC, he was the “son of the arts”.About the very sad episode of his arrest.”Intelligence, Kindness, and Humanity”.

Another historical Christian Democratic exponent such as Beppe Pisane:At this moment the news hits me. I can say nothing but pray for him.I knew him and respected himFormer Mayor of Rome, Franco CarraroHe was appointed to the highest seat in the Capitol thanks to the alliance between Forlani and Craxi.It was a very frustrating episode. I think handcuffs are convenient if there is a danger of escape.”.

After the end of DC, Cara helped found Margherita and then Pd.Today I Andrew Orlando When Dario Franceschini Draw personal memories: “Gone is a man who was intelligent, sensitive and knew how democracy worked, and who always influenced his actions. Marked and beaten by the excesses of the court season, he was able to hold his head high and redeem himself with humility and availability.”; “A good, educated and intelligent man. He is part of the history of Christian Democrats and a witness to what politics should be. A true friend to me, and to many of us, who will be missed.”.

The news also came as Forza Italia’s Senator and Vice President of the Senate attended a meeting. Maurice Gaspari, He wanted to leave a personal message of condolences:”Journalist and politician Enzo Cara must be remembered for the firmness of the positions expressed and for the culture that has always characterized his commitment both in the field of information and in parliament. Righteous politicians saw him among the victims of the media pillory. I have always been very hostile to the center right, but this has absolutely no effect on my memory and feelings in the face of his disappearance.”.

for Giancarlo Matsukaformer director Day he was born in pug restas well as members of parliament,A colleague leaves. In fact, we were on the Congressional Committee for Television Services. Although they were politically opposed, they were very close friends because they had a lot in common. We understood each other on the spot. His death saddens me.”.

At a public debate in Rome in 2003, Carla established “peace.” Antonio Di Pietro It was not the former prosecutor of Mani Purite who wanted to put the handcuffs on him.reformist) if he forgives those who ordered the arrest, he sharply replied: “I have neither the power to forgive nor the desire for revenge. Each of them from the pool had to confirm their position. No, I have never regretted it. A budget is finally made.”And now, perhaps, it’s time to stock up. for everyone.

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