eMule High ID over optical fiber (FTTC and FTTH)

At GiardiniBlog, we’ve covered the topic of eMule several times, the file-sharing service that made history.
Unfortunately, the development of technology has complicated the existence of this exchange channel, Severely limit those who can connect with the elevated ID.
In this article we will see how to get a high eMule ID on fiber (FTTC and FTTH) so that we can quickly download shared files.

There are many who mistakenly think that eMule is a dead service or has stopped working. The service resists and still works, and furthermore remains a rich source of much material, often scarce, that is hard to find elsewhere.

For large files, it is recommended to use the Bittorrent protocol and rely on searching through torrent sites that are still active, but for small files or files you can’t find, eMule can prove to be a gold mine.

What are the advantages of having an eMule High ID over an optical fiber?

The identifier is a value that is assigned to each user starting from their IP address, and this allows the service to recognize them. Having a unique identifier, the user can connect with others, exchange files with them, moreover, determine his place in the queue in downloading the most requested files.

Thus, a higher eMule ID necessitates higher download speeds on average and direct management of your downloads and connections without delegating these tasks to server resources. This is why many servers reject users with low identity or accept a limited number.

Thus, a user with a low ID will have difficulty connecting to servers, getting earlier queues, and significantly slower connection speeds.

How to get eMule High ID on Fibra?

There are several ways to get a high eMule ID over fiber, one of which can be used for Fastweb connections and involves using a modified version of eMule, optimized for use with the protocols specified for this type of network. This version is called eMule pool It is an Italian project.

How to use eMule Adunanza to get eMule High ID on Fibra

For high identification with eMule Adunanza you need:

L’The latest version of the assembly Available directly from the project website, on the eMule Adunanza download page.

After getting the static IP address from Fastweb, you need to:

Fastweb router configuration

  • Go to the provided router configuration, it usually has the address;
  • Then enter your credentials and log in;
  • Then click “Progressing“then in”Manual port configuration“;
  • push the button “Associate a new port mapping“;
  • A dialog box will open, here you can first enter the TCP port values;
  • In the order of listing, put the name, then the local IP address of the device on which the eMule will be used, then choose the protocol (TCP), then enter “4662” in the remaining fields and click “Add“;
  • In the same way, by clicking again on “Associate a new port mappingThis can be done for UDP, this time by entering the number “4672” as the port.

Once you change the connection options on the router, you need to Configure the eMule pooljust run it:

Emule pool

  • At the top of the ribbon, clickOptions“then in”Contact“;
  • Then in the sectionProgram portsEnter the value in the element.Shipping PortIn both TCP and UDP;
  • You can then click “Progressing” and then inOK“;
  • At this point you can go back to the server section, and click on one of the servers it should connect properly with the “high idAnd without warning, after a few moments the state of Kad’s network should also change from “firewall” to me “Connected“.

If you still can’t get a high ID in eMule using Fastweb at this point, you probably need a guide that is more specific to your situation, in which case it’s best to refer to the precious guides found in the eMule Adunanza forum.

Unfortunately, By using Adunanza with the connections of other Italian internet providers, it is not possible to get a high identity on eMule, Because the network infrastructure is different. We will see in the next paragraph how you will have to proceed if you do not have Fastweb.

Configure the router and the eMule to get the eMule High ID on the fiber

The traditional way to be able to get a high ID on an eMule on fiber is to “open the ports” TCP and UDP on the router and then map the open ports on the eMule.

Unfortunately, the procedure for enabling ports on your router is usually different depending on the router you are using, although the configuration logic is always the same. The option is still available for most routers upnb Which allows you to simplify port configuration.

To help you configure your router and eMule for higher ID, you can follow our guide to install and configure Emule.

Get eMule High ID over Fiber over VPN

Even if you enable UPnP to map TCP and UDP ports, although the port mapping is often successful, the high identifier may not be obtained because the connection over TCP and UDP fails.

In this case, the only solution to get the high ID on eMule on fiber is to get a VPN with port forwarding, so that you are both protected and able to upload and download at full speed.

PrivateVPN is one of the VPNs with the best port forwarding app, which we used in this guide.

High ID eMule with Private VPN

to communicate withhigh id Simply launch the PrivateVPN client, log in with your credentials, and click on “Advanced viewOnce done, just select a server and connect, in the “.control BoardThere is a “port forwarding” item that will show the port to be mapped on the eMule client to connect to high id.

Setting up on an eMule is simple, just:

  • launch the eMule program;
  • At the top of the ribbon, clickOptions“then in”Contact“;
  • Then in the sectionProgram portsEnter the value in the element.Shipping PortIn both TCP and UDP;
  • To test that the listed ports are set correctly, click “Connection test“;

eMule Private Vpn High Id 2

  • Once you confirm that the connection is successful, you can click on the “Progressing” and then inOK“;
  • Now you can go back to the section “serverClick an attendee and connect tohigh idAnd without warning, after a short while the Kad network status should also change from “behind firewalls” to me “Connected“.

At this point, you are ready to download quickly from eMule, with maximum privacy and a high ID. You may also need to update the eMule server list, which we will talk about in the next paragraph.

Keep eMule servers updated for fast downloading

Using the right servers is important for security (i.e. avoiding spy servers, obviously less important if you’re using a VPN), finding more files and downloading faster.

In any case, we invite you to add the servers that you can find in our article dedicated to the updated secure eMule servers. Once the eMule is installed, to add an eMule server just click the link in the list, it will be automatically added to the eMule server list.


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