Emoji for everyone Google expands message reactions to any smiley

Some Android users can now reply to a posted message in the Messages app with Any type of emoji. We confirm Whichbecause some time ago it became possible to send one of the seven standard smileys as an answer *. Now, in practice, there is more freedom to respond with smileys, without any restrictions.

* Thumbs up, thumbs down, smiling face with heart eyes, smiling with tears of joy, face with open mouth, crying smiley, angry smiley.

The process is simple and we already know it from similar tools on WhatsApp and Telegram: that’s enough Press and hold your finger on the message, and the application will display all available options. So far, however, activation seems to be limited to a small number of users, so it’s possible that Google may have decided to release the new version for an initial small group to check it is working properly, and then move forward with a more extended version once any bugs and crashes have been fixed.

Actually, we are still in the initial stage, which is where the tool is harmonic Without problems unless the sender and recipient use the same messaging system. 9to5Google And the the edge They assure for example that everything runs smoothly if they both use RCS chat, while there are obvious problems If one user is using Android and the other iOS, or if one is based on the Messages app and the other is based on Apple Messages. The danger is that the reaction will manifest itself as:

Opening image credits: Pixabay

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