Elsaute, without feeling sorry for Ster-Francorchamps, continues with a 6th victory in a row


Star Francorchamps

The goals : 38th Fassin (1-0), 48th Corman (2-0), 68th Boreio csc (3-0).

Elsaute: François, D’Affnay, Dirix, Williot, Fassin (79th Colson), Campo (84th Ameur), G. Deville, B. Deville, Dohogne, Diané (84th Roggemans), Corman (74th Lefort).

Star Francorchamps: Crespin, Lambrechts, Wengermez, Boreio, Raski, Restiglian, Joao (76th Delhez), Thelen, Gilis (65th Dardenne), Calisgan (63rd Crisigiovanni), Scheffer (72nd Scheffer).

Yellow cards: yo.

Referee: Mr Kizedioko.

In competition with a certain Brazil-Serbia, the supporters of the two sides did not hesitate to brave the cold to come and watch the game.

However, it was a bit of a wait for the first real opportunities. These were for the locals who had three extremely hot situations in the opposite rectangle. Nevertheless, Crespin and Boreio, on the line, looked at the grain.

But what had to happen happened. If the referee first canceled a goal due to a hand foul, Elsauto’s pressure would break the Sterlaine defense. Fassin, with a beautiful curling shot, found the side net and made it 1-0.

A curled blow, that was the case again just after returning from the dressing room. Corman, shifted to the left, doubled the bet. Just three minutes into the second half, a blow to the morale of the Sterlains.

Not the same level

The ordeal continued for visitors who experienced all the effort in the world to be dangerous. They would even conced a third goal. This one was totally crazy. Boreio sent a pass that was too short for Crespin, his goalkeeper, who arrived on the ball just before Dohogne but cleared it… Boreio sent the ball into his own net, sealing the victory for Elsaute.

Naturally, we found a Boris Dome, the local coach, extremely pleased. “I think this is our most successful performance in a long time,” he rejoiced. “After the observation round, which lasted fifteen minutes, we felt very good. The players did the right thing and I think my keeper had no save. They also scored some nice goals. »

Because of this victory, Elsaute is one point behind Wanze/Bas-Oha, the leader. The Stars also follow with a sixth win in a row.

In the other camp, the mines laughed less. Marcin Gdowski, the T2, wanted to be honest after the meeting. “There was no photo, Elsaute was stronger in all areas. Can’t say much about performance. Admittedly, besides their three goals, they don’t have much other than being first with all balls. »

The rest weekend will be good for the Sterlains who will have two important encounters against Sprimont B and Melen. “We have to forget about this game. Work well during the week to react. At home we are always solid.


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