Elon Musk is already cleaning up Twitter management

Tesla’s CEO reportedly escorted ex-Twitter executives out of the company’s headquarters

After months of back and forth and an impending lawsuit, Elon Musk has finally gone through the $44 billion deal he signed to buy Twitter. True to his nature as a self-presenting artist, the Tesla CEO was spotted walking into Twitter’s headquarters on Oct. 26 with a sink. In a video of the action he tweeted, he captioned it with “let it flow!” After that, one of his first moves as new owner was on staff, firing Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and other company executives.

As Reuters reports, Elon Musk had the fired executives escorted from the property, most notably Agrawal and Ned Segal, Twitter’s chief financial officer. Another person Elon Musk fired is political chief Vijaya Gadde, which seems to align with the billionaire’s desire to make Twitter a less moderate platform.

The new owner of the company listed in a letter to Twitter advertisers however, there are limits to his mantra of free speech: “Twitter, of course, cannot become a landscape of free hell for everyone, where anything can be said without consequence! He also indicates that there will still be some moderation: “In addition to respecting the laws of the country, our platform should be warm and welcoming to everyone, where you can choose the experience you want. However, Musk gave no details on how he would accomplish this, especially in light of his pledge to reopen Twitter to accounts that had previously been banned for life.

Musk also promised to get rid of bots and add some form of content monetization for the platform’s most prolific Tweeters. He also wants to add some form of crypto payment to the platform, including a crypto wallet and more presentation options for NFT and NFT makers.

Meanwhile, the employees are busy with their work. Musk had previously threatened to cut the workforce by three-quarters, so morale is at an all-time low. It will be interesting to see how Musk can realize all his ideas with a smaller workforce, should he really go through the budget cuts.

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