Eileen, 4, is inconsolable since losing her beloved toy Apie on the train to Brussels: ‘They did everything together’

On Facebook, Sitsky shared the plight of her 4-year-old daughter, Elaine. The mother says they visited her parents in Holland with her daughter, but there was a little drama on the way back. Indeed, the bag in her possession that contained all their belongings was stolen.

And if the material value of the 38-year-old mum’s possessions isn’t really an issue, among them is a stuffed bunny that belonged to Ellen: “My daughter is inconsolable. The bag contained a cute Adidas jacket and an expensive day cream, but the plush is the biggest loss. Seeing Ellen cry for Her comforter tears me apart, I have felt it since her birth. They did everything together.”

Sitsky believes that thieves took their belongings around Antwerp station. “Someone told me that gangs of professional thieves commit this kind of theft, often on short trips,” she explains to colleagues from HLN.

So on Facebook she asked her friends for help: “Announcing a stolen stuffed animal was a bit excessive, so I leave it to you. I secretly hope we can get Apie back, and that the thief dumped him somewhere. My daughter still sees things differently: For her, Apie It is such a soft plush that no one wants to throw it away. So if you read this and take the stuffed animal, please return it to us.”

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