Egbert Laschart criticizes the MR for an attitude that is “sometimes copied and pasted from Vlaams Belang”

Speaking on Sunday on RTL-TVi’s “It’s Not Every Sunday” website, Open Vld president Egbert Lachaert acknowledged the tensions in recent months between French-speaking and Lemnic-speaking liberals, “particularly within the federal parliament.

Egbert Lasschaert evokes a recent “personal attack” by Marie-Christine Marghem, deputy vice-miss, on the Open Vld Prime Minister Alexander De Croo over the nuclear dossier, as well as another episode in the room that seems to have marked him: after the death of a policeman attacked with a knife in Schaerbeek of Before a man listed as extremist, the Open Justice Minister, Vincent Van Quickenborn, was questioned last Monday in the Justice Committee. Our minister was not in an easy position. It’s a very delicate matter, we shouldn’t play with populism. And there I see some MPs attacking it in a semi-glued fashion from Vlaams Belang,” Egbert Lachert accuses, targeting francophone liberals. “I want it to stop, it is no longer acceptable.”

However, the organization of the “transition” of Alexia Bertrand, who joined the Open Vld to enter the government, did not stem from a spirit of revenge, according to the explanations of Egbert Laschart to RTL-TVi. He notes that he called Georges Louis Boches’s boss on Friday afternoon, shortly before the press conference with Alexia Bertrand. “I warned him and he reacted very sportingly. (…) Between teams we can make ‘the best transfers’,” notes à la Football World.

As for the perceived tensions with the Mr. Elect, they make him “a patient of the heart, because I am too attached to the connection” with the sister party, he asserts.

Rumors have already begun about a possible transfer of Alexia Bertrand from Brussels, but they are unfounded, according to the Open Vld president. She lives in Brussels and has no idea about moving. According to him, the former leader of the MR group in the Brussels Parliament could appear on the Vld-MR Joint Brussels Open List of the Council in the next elections (2024), a project that already exists.

Eva de Bleecker will also have a place “in sight” on the Open Vld lists in the next elections, he also confirmed on the VRT group (Een, “De Zevende Dag”).

Meanwhile, David Lister, the Brussels MR president and appointed new leader of the MR group in the regional parliament, confirmed to RTL-TVi on Sunday that he would be a candidate for prime minister in Brussels. Anyway, I will do everything for you.

Without directly responding to the exit of Ygbert Lasschaert, the President of Mr. Georges-Louis Bouchez, for his part, considered “unfortunate”, in a tweet, the position of the political scientist (and “the press”) who, according to him, keep in mind that “MR does not behave well ’, listing the issues that are problematic for the government: nuclear power, the budget (“the worst student in the EU”) and the fact that it did not give, in his words, “no answer” about the non-immediate care of Yassin M. , who stabbed police officer Thomas Munjoy in Skarbeek.

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