eFootball 2023: How to play, licenses and everything you need to know

For football fans, who Electronic football (Also known as PESAnd the so by saying Pro Evolution Soccer) is an essential video game series, which combines fantastic graphic realism with the possibility to impersonate your favorites in this sport. produced by KonamiThis started in 2001 and quickly became one of the best selling soccer video games in the world. To date, the series has more than twenty titles, each of which gives life to innovations that simultaneously show the evolution of this sector. The new chapter is entitled eFootball 2023itself is full of exciting news.

eFootball: release date and platforms where you can play it

posted by KonamiAnd the eFootball 2023 It has since become available August 25, 2022. Since then the game can be purchased Playstation 4And the Playstation 5And the Xbox OneAnd the Xbox X/SAnd the Nintendo Switch And the Microsoft windows. To be able to get it, you just need to download it for free from the official stores of the consoles listed here.

eFootball 2023 for mobile

As is known, the game is also available in a mobile version for iOS And the android. Again, you just need to download it from Play Store or Apple Store. However, it has been determined that it is essential 3 GB of free space in order to download the game properly, therefore it is necessary before starting the download to make sure that you have this space on your device.

eFooball 2023 licenses

eFootball 2023: Licenses

Certain innovations related to this new chapter of the series can be found among its licenses eFootball 2023 enjoy. Every time players can’t help but wonder which teams they can use, which stadiums they will be able to play in and which players they will actually see entering the field. Below is all news related to licenses eFootball 2023.

Teams and stadiums

Konami Again signed agreements with different teams around the world, with which I secured the possibility Recreate jerseys, logos and players within the game. In particular, the publisher relies on team licenses such as Like RomeAnd the Atlanta sAnd the Lazio, SSC Napoli, Monza, Pisa, Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona And the Bayern Munich. Instead, it will be missing Juventusthat did not renew agreements eFootball 2023 preferring to appear instead FIFA 23.

As for the stadiums, the following can be found in the game: Allianz Arena, Camp Nou, Emirates Stadium, San Siro Stadium (Milan), Giuseppe Meazza Stadium (FC Internazionale), Stadio Olimpico (Roma), Stadio Olimpico (Lazio), Joyce Stadium, Celtic Park, Urbano Caldera Stadium, Ibrox Mas Stadium Monumental And the And the soccer fieldAnd of course many others.


As is known, Inter has signed an exclusive contract with Konami and is therefore able to appear virtually, starting from July 2024, in-game. This also means that the team will not be shown in FIFAthe opposing football video game series by Electronic football. Konami has also acquired exclusive rights to the Inter Milan kit, stadium and logo for use in the game Electronic football. Moreover, from 2022 Electronic football It will be the official sponsor of the team, with the game’s logo appearing in the crest of the various Inter kits.


Milan, in turn, confirmed its commitment to Konami, ensuring its presence in the eFootball 2023. The name of the team, the uniform, the crest, the San Siro stadium Giuseppe Meazza and the 3D scans of the loyal faces of the Rossoneri players will be present. It also appears that this agreement is for 7 years, ensuring that Konami’s video game will be able to boast of the popular team for a long time to come. AC Milan also announced a very important new partnership on their official website: Electronic football In fact, he will now be the first training wear partner in the club’s history.

b series

Another important novelty is related to the second division league, which will be present in eFootball 2023 as in FIFA 23. The entire BKT series is in the Konami game, which can help increase the visibility of leagues and teams as well as fan interaction with that league.

eFootball 2023 Master League

As for Master League, video game fans will have to wait a little longer. Although this has been confirmed, it has been announced that it will only arrive in 2023 and therefore with the 2024 version of Electronic football. According to some rumors, this could be released a little earlier as a paid add-on.

eFootball: The video game trailer

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