Education Minister Valdetara: “Keep mobile phones out of classrooms during class hours”

Stop using cell phones in class, to ensure students and teachers have time to study in class without distraction. This is what the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Valdetara, predicted in an interview with journalist Monica Setta.

During the speech, which will be broadcast on Saturday, November 26 as part of the “Il Confronto” program, the Minister declares war on the use of smartphones in school: “cell phones away from the classroom during class hourshe declares to the interlocutor.

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In addition to an issue of concern, banning the use of cell phones is part of a broader framework to combat bullying and violence. Often, in fact, these devices are used to film and share scenes that are violent or harmful to the dignity of classmates and teachers.

Also on this matter, the Minister makes it clear that he has clear ideas: In his view, bullies and abusers should be judged to do socially useful work. During an interview a few days ago, then reported by RAI, the minister said he hopes “Different forms of punishments against students who do not have the ability to comply with the rules: The only thing that has always seemed very useful to me is socially useful functions“.

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The interview then concludes with a promise of a complete renewal of the technical institutesWith the aim of returning to better prepare students to enter the world of work: “We need to get back to maturity. And in this key is the great alliance that I also propose to companies and labor unions. It will also be an essential way to overcome the competitive gap that Italian technical and vocational education suffers from compared to other international countries

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