Ecolo denounces the MR’s behavior over the nuclear expansion

In his eyes, the MR has shattered the rules of loyalty within a majority. “It is an unfair attitude and I deeply regret it. A deputy, of course supported by her party chairman, does it alone. You don’t do that when you want to bring up a topic. I see this is not the first time this kind of problem has happened and it continues. We have agreements within the majority to make us function and today they are not respected. For example, the MR does not help the government that is in full negotiation on this subject,” explains Mr Vanden Burre.

The coalition agreement, which both the MR and Ecolo have signed, only provides for the possibility of expanding the two most recent reactors – Doel 4 and Tihange 3. For the rest, it confirms the exit from nuclear energy in 2025.

On March 18, the Vivaldi government decided to implement this extension option. Negotiations have started with Engie to conclude an agreement in principle by the end of the year. According to the latest echoes in the press, the discussions are progressing with difficulty and encountering a number of fundamental points.

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