Dynamic Island: This is the innovative feature for sports fans

Match of Champions You are away from home but keep updating your favorite team score from any app downloaded from the store. iPhone 14 Pro, since iOS 16.1 beta 2, has added the feature to make your life easier.

This latest version of the iPhone software allows developers to play around with this feature “live activity” Add a custom API. This feature, which until now was thought to be for the lock screen, actually works with Dynamic Island, the famous adaptive interface that does its best to make us forget the tweak on top of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Users have already been able to try out the feature and have posted photos of their iPhones to show it off in great shape. In the condensed view, we will only see the score and team badges. By clicking on the dynamic island, you will see these items enlarged, accompanied by the playing time and the author of the last goal.

If your iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max crashes, you’ll find these details at the bottom of the screen, just as they appear on all other iPhones.

Unfortunately, the live activities are not yet available in Italy. Users located in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and South Korea can follow Major League Baseball. Those in the US and Canada can already follow the NBA and Premier League this way.

To activate it, nothing could be simpler, just open the TV app and tap on it “Follow” In the game we care about. Remember that iOS 16.1 has not been officially released yet, and it is still a beta version.

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