DualSense PS5 Black at historic Black Friday low: Amazon offer

Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Week brings us back a piece that video game fans have come to love so much. Let’s talk about DualSense for PlayStation 5 In elegant colour Midnight blackness: for sale, It costs only 49.98 eurosat an all-time low. Not surprisingly, it instantly shot to the top of the sales charts.

DualSense PS5 Black shown: sleek and beautiful

DualSense is the official controller of PlayStation 5. If you are the lucky owner of the latest Sony home console, you can enrich your collection with a new pad in a different color than the one in the package.

Midnight blackness It’s a sleek, modern black, doing justice to the curvy shapes of the newer pillow and perhaps even surpassing the original in terms of aesthetics.

DualSense PS5 Black

For the rest, the wireless controller maintains all the characteristics that made the DualSense brand famous, such as the presence of innovative technologies such as tactile feedback And the adaptive stimuli-With built-in microphone and speaker.

These features allow you to increase your immersion during the game: you can experience the feeling of bending an arc in Horizon Forbidden West or slamming the brakes of a racing car in Gran Turismo 7. It is definitely one of the best PlayStation 5 assets.

To remind you that the file DualSense can also be used on PCprice So the offer is 49.98 euros, is at an all-time low for this colorful track. Are you ready to give yourself a gift?

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