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When we play games that have surpassed or that have stolen the market, we have various examples. Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft or Call of Duty They are good examples, but when they are ademas they are titles with a completely original jugabilidad, ¿en cuál piensas? Now we will teach you how Download Pokemon GO APK for Android And we’re going to talk you a little bit about this genius title that broke (and broke) the molds.

updated November 17, 2022
Application name Pokemon GO
Latest version Version 0.255.0
son in law RPG strategy
Desarulador Niantic, Inc.
OS version android
package name com. nianticlabs. pokemongo
Available google apps

It is hard to compete directly with the best video games that have ever been out in the market. Pokémon GO is not only logró ser tan popular, it also swings with jugabilidad no logró ser tan otro. This can only be a product associated with the most popular and best-selling monster franchise on the planet.

What is Pokémon GO and how to download APK for Android devices?

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Pokémon GO Official Trailer

It was launched in 2016 and has an instant result. Pokemon GO It is an augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic. We weren’t promiando, in a few days you were downloading more than 500 million users outside the planet. This was enough for her to turn into the most popular mobile game in history.

Parte de su rotundo éxito se debe a su jugabilidad. Los jugadores must, literally, search and capture the famous characters of the saga Pokemon. For this they will have to climb into locations in the real world, take off physically and fight with criaturas través del móvil.

Currently, inside the game there are more 600 Pokemon to catch y jugar con ellos. Yes, if not all game content is based on your family, you will also be able to use it in battles. Visit gyms or participate in world events in this game that, while not as popular as it was in its first few years, is still ahead of most games.

Innovative and addictive game

If you’ve ever watched the animated series, you know where to go. Adventure and catch the great song of this creatura named boidas. Well, the game allows you to live this experience in your own body.

Sal a caminar por las calles de tu ciudad, Use the tools the game attempts to locate, attract, catch and collect your favorite Pokemon. The experience is never the same, it is always fun and hours of renewal are guaranteed.

Changing reality

Through your Android smartphone, the game will saturate you with everything a professional Pokémon expert would require. Using the camera and GPS as the two main toolsThis augmented reality title feeds on the environment to create the ultimate gaming experience, from which the real world is enveloped.

the premise is sencilla, Captures all those who can reach the time limit and greater consequences than they escaped. With a huge list of Pokemon to catch, you will be notified of the most wanted ones. This will be your warning to embark on your own adventure.

The main idea of ​​this game is to motivate people to get to know and interact with the world they have created in an entertaining way. Since its launch, hundreds of people are actively playing and taking to the streets of the world to continue playing this entertainment title.

The game is completely free However, there are small purchases within the title, which are completely optional and are in the form of items that can facilitate pickups. What you really have to watch out for is the signal and battery level, and the game can be a little demanding in that feel.

How to download Pokémon GO APK for Android (0.255.0)?

The game is compatible with a huge list of Android devices and is not custom required en lo que el apartado technico se refiere. Apart from the amount of memory needed for installation (about 100MB), you will need at least version 5.0 of the operating system.

All you need to do is to download it Find it on Google Play y download it. This is also the best form of saber if your device supports the game, although if it is available in the store and you allow yourself to download it, you can find out all the fury of the maravilla.

In the same way if he wanted to Directly download the latest Pokémon GO APK, take the link (version 0.253.1):

In this way, just like in the Google Play Store, you will not only buy this free game from official formso that you also download the latest existing version of mismo.

¿Alternatives to Pokemon GO?

On the other side, si te interesa saber si hay otras alternatives parecidas a Pokémon GO, la respuesta directa sería no.

Although there are titles that aim to be similar to each other and have similar characteristics and playability, the truth is that this game is very strange and unique. Within the genus, pioneers may be considered more than único en su classe.

If a file An addictive game that will provide you with hours and hours of free puzzle diversions. Just remember to be careful when playing. Always keep an eye on your surroundings, since you will be actively reviewing the mobile screen, it may distract you from everything that has led you my way.

Pokémon GO pros and cons

There are some negative things that we can decide from this game, We really recommend to download it if you are looking to have some fun with your mobile phone. Not only is it an entertaining and different experience, as long as it is also healthy and encourages you to go up. Own therefore, we tell you that for us your points are fuertes y débiles:


  • Jugabilidad Innovaadora
  • Addictive game
  • Promotes physical activity
  • Use of augmented reality
  • Live action makes it even more exciting


  • Sencillos’ graphics are a little outdated
  • It consumes a lot of data and battery

Download and play Pokémon GO for Android

You know our opinion about this shady game that not only invites you to climb and share with other players from the world and your neighborhood. Además de parecernos sumente Entertainmentido, es también the curable. You don’t have to own a high-end mobile phone to play it and the experience is totally worth it.

Así que ya conoces todo lo necesario para Download Pokémon GO for Android in APK format And try to live your own adventure. Join thousands of other users around the planet in this game which, in a way, is also a unique red social network.

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