“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Bossi’s first video after the hospital stay

Umberto Bossi, after falling ill on November 19, he appeared on video to reassure the league’s many supporters. The founder of the Carroccio is still in the Circolo di Varese hospital, but he has left the intensive care unit and his condition is improving. Umberto Bossi’s condition, serious as it may have been, had not given rise to fears for his life from the start. But hospitalization and some precautions were necessary given the league’s founder’s medical history, which included a stroke in 2004.

But it was Bossi himself who reassured everyone this morning. “As you can see, I’m in the hospital, but don’t worry: I’m good“, began the Senatùr from his hospital bed. The political passion for Umberto Bossi is stronger than anything else and so, despite the precarious health conditions and the long hospitalization, the founder of the League has confirmed the presence at the next appointments of the Committee North, the he himself founded and launched last October.The very first event should have taken place next Sunday, November 27th, but precisely to allow Umberto Bossi to participate, it was decided to postpone everything to the first Sunday of December.

I won’t be there due to force majeure, but I wanted the committee and I to want to be there for the first meeting, so see you on December 3rd in Giovenzano, it’s going to be great meeting“, concluded Umberto Bossi. It is Bossi’s first testimony since his hospitalization at the Varese Club Hospital, where he underwent a minor stitching operation for a gastric ulcer. So much enthusiasm from the La Liga supporters, who flooded Umberto Bossi with messages of affection and encouragement. The Senatùr has always been loved by the people of the Lega Nord, who recognize him as a beacon of the original principles of the political party.

In the hours immediately following the hospitalization, Umberto Bossi also received the news from Matthew Salviniwho wished the first secretary of the league a speedy recovery in Lombard dialect: “Come on Umberto, never Mulà“. Another message, also on November 19, came Attilio FontanaGovernor of Lombardy: “I’m sure the old lion will recover soon to continue our struggles together. Irreplaceable figure and constant point of reference. I was always close to him and liked him as he was always by my side. Come on Umberto“.

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