Does the small theater punish you with Antonino Spinalpes?

Yael It’s a spicy little viper, word Taylor Mega Who yesterday had the chance to go visit her at Big Brother Vip. In a dull episode where the absence of positives begins to take its toll and where the arguments are fewer and fewer, here’s to you Alfonso Signorini The former and gossip card is played.

Anyone who has followed summer gossip knows that Taylor Mega and Gael de Donna They’ve had a summer flirtation just to become friends, and in that exact capacity the beautiful influencer landed a Gf Vip last night. Signorini asks Mega if they had a sexual relationship and he does not deny his guest exclaims: “Alfonso what can I tell you, she passed naked …”. However, the tone she uses to her friend isn’t always joking:

“I miss you so much. You are gorgeous, you are a diamond, not costume jewelry that you have to sparkle with. If I came here and saw this Giaele, I wouldn’t have the same confidence I have with you outside. You are a strong woman. You are so much more than what you show… do you remember?” When we were in Capri and you told me I look like a grandmother? You’re a grandmother now.”

Many are convinced that the beautiful Gevina flattens because of the connection that Oriana and Antonino have, in which she was so interested. The three were the protagonists of the lackluster stage last night in which Gael himself admitted that he did not want to see his friend kidnapped because this could only be her, as a married woman. Oriana did not seem convinced that she had feelings for him and therefore jealous of his presence.

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