do they all have to go back to twitter?

Following Musk’s allegations against activists whom the CEO “blamed” for failing to form an ad hoc moderation board for Twitter, the entrepreneur has drawn renewed attention by launching a new poll. Now Musk is asking the users whether or not he should unlock almost all banned accounts.

Yes, you got it right: as reported by The Verge, as well as as you can see directly on the Elon Musk’s Twitter profilethe latter is aimed at the public to decide whether the social network should generally approve everyone on twitter or not, provided that these profiles “Have not broken the law or engaged in blatant spam“.

At the time of writing, on the evening of November 23, 2022, the number of votes related to the poll Musk started has already passed one million. Voting is possible until November 24, 2022, the date on which the CEO is expected to decide on the matter. In short, the entrepreneur continues on his way despite everything.

Keep in mind that Musk recently postponed Twitter’s new verification system indefinitely and said so has no intention of rehabilitating profiles like Alex Jones, linked to some conspiracy theories. What will happen in the next few hours? Let’s see: everything is to be expected from Musk.

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