discover 5 tips for shopper zen during Black Friday!

Black Friday is fast approaching. To make this day a success and close good deals, it is essential to be prepared. Here are our 5 tips for a successful Black Friday.

That’s it, the long-awaited day of Black Friday is coming. There’s still time to follow our advice to make sure you get the best deals tomorrow.

Tip #1: Determine a budget

There is nothing worse than making compulsive purchases and taking 6 months to find financial balance. On Black Friday, the offers can be so tempting that you want to crack everything. Unfortunately, that’s a bad idea! In front of avoid impulse purchasesit’s important to keep in mind how much you can spend without putting yourself in the red.

Tip #2: Make a list of your needs and wants.

Once your budget is determined, make two lists : that of your needs and that of your desires. Thinking about replacing your smartphone? Is it a real need or a desire? Your washing machine is almost 10 years old and you hesitate to use Black Friday to anticipate a possible breakdown? It may be interesting to place this purchase in your wishes. To create a final shopping list, prioritize your needs, without forgetting to treat yourself. That’s Black Friday too!

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Tip #3: Do some scouting and compare prices

You have your shopping list. It’s time to investigate! Find the models and brands you like and the prices offered by different e-tailers. Promotions start the week before Black Friday. They are always less important than D-Day. If you see an item 50% off on a site, chances are the discount will be even bigger on Friday.. Knowing this will help you anticipate the potential promotion and see if your budget and shopping list are consistent. On the eve of Black Friday, keep one or two e-tailers in mind to buy every item on your list. Some sites allow you to wishlist or add your items to your shopping cart. This saves you time the next day.

Tip No. 4: Get up early on D-Day

On Black Friday, the best deals are made very early! The peak of sales occurs around 07:00. Set your alarm clock, program the coffee maker and keep your computer close at hand so you don’t miss a single offer !

Tip #5: Avoid compulsive shopping

You got up early and, despite everything, the smartphone or the computer of your dreams passed under your nose? Do not mindlessly rush to a similar article or an overly tempting offer on a dubious site. Black Friday certainly offers great promotions. Don’t forget, though, that they’ll continue throughout the weekend and end in style on another special day: Cyber ​​Monday.. This gives you a few more days to finally get your hands on the item of your dreams at the best price.

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