Discord accounts are the new target of ransomware attacks

The VoIP and instant messaging platform has recently suffered from ransomware attacks launched by hackers. Many accounts have been stolen from their owners. The people who committed this crime then attempted to take hostage Discord accounts, as well as the files they contained.

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This ransomware attack was discovered by cyber security company Cyble. It should be noted that many other platforms have been subjected to waves of similar attacks in recent months. Fortunately, for users who have lost their accounts, there are ways to get them back, provided they react quickly.

Ransomware attacks are causing panic on Discord

For those unaware, the practice of ransomware is for a hacker to encrypt files on a user’s computer and then demand a sum of money to recover them. This unhealthy practice seems to have been gaining ground in recent months, much to the chagrin of Discord users who, by the way, recently debuted on Xbox.

A lot of people have already experienced having their account hijacked followed by their instant messenger profiles. With deceptive means, hackers have gained access to many users’ Discord account in order to steal them. Detecting the ransomware technique used is much more difficult as all file names and extensions remain intact once hacked.

Thus, those who were subjected to such an attack on the platform saw nothing but fire, before they were asked to pay a ransom. This method is logically causing panic among Discord subscribers who are increasingly afraid of their accounts and files being stolen.

Terrifying but unstoppable technology: solutions exist

Users who realize their account has been hacked can act quickly to restore it. In fact, despite the fact that the practice of ransomware is particularly scary from the point of view of its misdeeds, it cannot be stopped in any way.

In fact, there will be simple techniques that will be able to help any user prevent this danger and thwart hacker schemes. One of them is for users to change their password as soon as they receive a notification of an insecure connection. This will invalidate the stolen token thus keeping your Discord account safe.

Unfortunately, it seems difficult to recover encrypted files after they have been hacked. This applies to all documents, photos, videos and even compressed files. In such cases, the users’ only solution is to meet the hackers’ demands. Oftentimes, their ransom note comes very quickly leaving only 48 hours for a positive response.

But dealing with pirates is like going down a slippery slope. Because hackers often tend to demand another ransom at any time. Sometimes, disconnecting your computer from the Internet by unplugging it from Wi-Fi or unplugging it can protect you from an online scam. Discord users who have experienced this unfortunate situation can also, as a last resort, consult a cyber security expert in hopes of recovering their account.

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