Digital payments, state resigns: per Pos obligation under 30 euros

The government relieves the cash register of payments up to 30 euros. This emerges from the draft of the economic stimulus package passed at the beginning of the weekArticle 68 – Measures concerning means of payment. Comes within the same article The cash usage limit has also been updatedwhich increases from 1,000 to 5,000 euros. These are two of the measures that the Council of Ministers adopted last Monday on payments and which we are sure will generate debate.

b) In paragraph 3-bis sentence 2, the words “1,000 euros” are replaced by the following “5,000 euros”.

So everything changes again, e.g there is a return to preferring cash over electronic money: The upper limit of 5,000 euros had to be in the aid decree Quarterbut was blocked for Lack of requirements and needs. Now it has been included in the Budget Law 2023 it will therefore enter into force on 1 January. This decision must be assessed in the broader context of the restrictions imposed at European level: in 9 countries there are no limits, in the others they range from 15,000 euros in Croatia to 500 euros in Greece.

In a way, it’s even more striking the abolition of the 30 euro limit for digital payments: in practice Dealers will be able to Reject credit and debit cards for the purchase of goods or services below that amountcontextually they will be all fines suspended. Minister Adolfo Urso has 180 days to set the exclusion criteria for “Ensuring the economy of the transactions in relation to the costs of the same“.

As you remember Sole24Ore, the Pos obligation has existed since 2012 (Monti), but no government had yet succeeded in enforcing the fines. The first Pnrr decree set the effective date for January 1, 2023 (30 euros + 4% of the transaction value), then brought it forward to June 30 this year, now the step backwards:

Pending the adoption of the decree referred to in the previous period, the procedures and deadlines for imposing sanctions are suspended.

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