Differentiated autonomy, green light for applause.protest against the opposition

of cupboard met this afternoon and unanimously gave the bill the green light.autonomy differentiatedThe bill was drafted by Regional Minister Roberto Calderoli. The approval of the CDM was greeted with applause by the attendees.As reported bydealthe text is now submitted to the Joint State-Region-City Conference for opinion.

satisfied come on italyDeputy Matilde Siracuzano confirmed that Azzurri’s request had been fulfilled:”Social and civil rights are guaranteed throughout the territory, regardless of whether citizens were born in the South or the North“. Maria Elisabetta Alberti Caseratithe Minister of Reform added that the text in question “very good”.of Silvio Jovine italian brother ensured autonomyIt in no way undermines our national cohesion and is consistent with what our Constitution already provides.“.

she is overjoyed alliance Through the words of Disability Minister Alessandra Locatelli:”today is a historic day“. Matthew Salvini Sent a message in the chat of the parliamentarians and local councilors of Carroccio:”Another promise kept.Efficiency, merit, innovation, work, giving more rights to all citizens of Italy and less excuses for thieves and incompetent politicians“.

Zaia and Toti rejoice

for Luca Zaia It is the beginning of a journey that leads to “manufacturing”.A gesture of great consistency and respect to voters“. The governor of the Veneto regionAdchronos that reformleave no one behind“Because of the choice of”Modernity, Efficiency, Responsibility“. John Totty Minister of Liguria Calderoli said:A great moment that really allows Italy to grow.Citizens and territories have more rights, unlike those who criticize, to bridge the gap“.

Opposite of barricade

The green light from the Council of Ministers provoked a negative reaction from the opposition.on behalf of 5 star movement Roberto Fico talks about today’s autonomy.”It is an electoral spot considering the local elections in Lombardy.“.Former Chairman of Chamber of Commerce wanted to highlight M5S”You’ll be on the front lines against this dangerous drift“There are risks in his opinion.”Divide the country, widen inequality, hurt the South“.

of Democratic Party Go to the barricades with Deputy Kiara Gribaudo, who called for an urgent call for state and regional meetings. ”It’s a measure that divides the country, and was launched by circumventing conflicts with regions and parliament.unacceptable forward flight“.

was equally clear in the reply of Charles Callenda on your profile twitterTertiary leaders said that approval of the autonomy bill under the CDM would beRepeated ridicule by electors of policies that advertise the institutional structure of the state“.


The draft states that agreements on differentiated autonomy between states and single regions should survive.”but not higher 10 years“. The possibility of requesting suspension of its validity is not excluded. Upon expiry, the contract shall be deemed to have been renewed for the same period, unless a different will is manifested on the part of the State or Territory. Must be declared 6 months in advance.

Required level

The basic performance level for i is civil and social rights This must be guaranteed throughout the country’s territory, relative to costs and standard needs.”determined by one or more decrees of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers“. The Prime Minister will adopt the decree after evaluating the agreements of the Joint Conference and the opinions of the Chamber of Commerce.”previous resolution“CDM.

Resource allocation

Joint committee State-Territory It should deal with the determination of the human, instrumental and financial resources necessary for the exercise of further forms and specific conditions of autonomy by the regions. The financial suitability and financial burden arising from the provision of services related to specific conditions should be evaluated annually.

equalization measures

In the direction of promoting economic development, solidarity and social solidarity, the nationPromote the effective exercise of the civil and social rights that must be guaranteed” Even on the territories of regions with which we have not concluded agreements. In this regard, the integration of various additional or special sources of state funds and the implementation of special interventions could be envisaged.

financial constancy

From the application of law and respective terms”There will be no new or additional charges. finance“.where the determination of the intrinsic level of service and the relative costs and standard needs must determine the additional financial burden.”The law provides for relative funding“. We need to ensure financial immutability”For individual regions not included in the contract“.

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