Demand more from your hair dryer

Want to save your daily time and style your hair more easily? Discover all the benefits of the smart hair dryer Dyson Supersonic™. Reduces drying time without damaging hair. Helps dry hair, straighten and create beautiful curls.

Supersonic Dyson™: negative ion hair dryer

Wet hair is positively charged. By bombarding them with negative ions, the water molecules they contain are split into very small particles. Therefore, the drying time is significantly reduced. In addition, there is no more “grill effect”. Hair is less dry during drying and absorbs care better. This also limits the phenomenon of static electricity.

dyson supersonic

smart drying

The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer features 1600W of power and offers intelligent heat control. Temperature is respected and always measured 20 times per second for shiny hair.

The device incorporates three precise speed settings: Quick Dry, Normal, and Brushing. Similarly, you can choose from four heat settings.

– 100° quick drying

– 80° normal drying

– 60° gentle drying

– 28° constant cold

dyson supersonic

some very practical options

The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer is designed to be easy to use every time. That’s why it only incorporates 4 control buttons and a professional cable with a length of 2.7 meters.

A powerful digital motor limits rpm drop and provides perfect precision.

Your device stays permanently cool to the touch. Thanks to heat shield technology, the surface of the accessory stays cool even during precision brushing. The key is maximum comfort and safety.

The innovative Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer hides the motor in the handle. An unconventional option that offers the advantage of rebalancing the weight and shape of the device. Reduce fatigue. Wrists and arms during operation.

Finally, the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer is also a beautiful design object that you don’t want to hide. Available in multiple colors: Copper Nickel, Rose Blue, and Grey/Fuchsia.

thoughtful accessories

The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer is your partner for all your hair cravings. Because it contains many accessories:

  • Straight tip dries hair gently thanks to a wide and even air flow

smooth finish

  • Blow dry concentrators style each strand without messing up the rest of your hair.


  • Diffuser evenly distributes air to define curls


  • Wide comb tip ideal for curly and frizzy hair

wide tooth comb

  • Soft dry nozzle suitable for thin and brittle hair

gentle drying

To make brushing easier, the Dyson hair dryer comes with a magnetic accessory.


Important points to remember:

– Negative ion dryer

– Intelligent drying with heat control

– Well-balanced device, always cool to the touch

– Thoughtful accessories for brushing and curling

– Several colors to choose from:

dyson supersonic

The ultra-advanced Supersonic Dyson hair dryer offers far more features than many of its competitors. Its strengths include intelligent drying, a negative ion system and many practical options and accessories. Adopt it and make your life easier.

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