De Pau, the escape is interrupted by an accident

I found a knife in Bratty’s killer’s car. The discovery inside his red Toyota IQ, which was found yesterday in a court filing: to determine if it was the murder weapon. Di Bao wanted to escape. “He asked me to accompany him to Tiburtina Station. But I didn’t bring her there,” the Cuban escort repeats, reconstructing the crazy night she spent with the murderer-prostitute.

With this car, the man had gone first to the two Asian women in Via Augusto Ribotti, then to the Colombian in Via Durazzo according to the investigators who, after a summit in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, reversed the chronology of the three crimes. But he had an accident with Di Pauw’s minivan and was forced to get another car. He rents a Toyota Yaris and with it, after wandering aimlessly for hours (“I only remember finding myself in front of the Hilton,” he says during his interrogation at the police station) arrives, via Milazzo, at the B&B where his Cuban friend lives. Here the carabinieri, after reporting a suspicious vehicle, find it and hand it over to the flying squad.

On both cars there are traces of blood on the steering wheel and on the seats, now in the laboratory for analysis. Still under the influence of cocaine, Di Bao took it on the evening before Wednesday morning, and continues to take it on the night between Thursday and Friday with Cuban. He only thinks of escaping, but he is covered in blood and has no money. He doesn’t even have a cell phone, which was left on the ground in Riputi Road. With the Cuban home, he called his parents home in Octavia. His sister, Francesca, answered. He spoke to me in shock, babbling blood and knives. And she also told me: Prepare your money and your clothes, a friend of mine will come and get them ». The woman is frightened, afraid that her brother and drug addict may have gotten himself into bigger trouble than he is. The mother, then, had a heart attack months earlier and feared for her health. It’s Friday, the woman still doesn’t know they’ve been hunting him for 24 hours. He calls the barracks, he wants to talk to the policemen. The army had just recognized him from the tires in the hands of his colleagues from San Vitale, registered in Via Riputti and Via Durazzo, and passed the report on to the mobile team.

Francesca repeats everything to the homicide men who kidnap the Yaris family in front of the Cubans’ residences. The guard is out, they take their brother to the police station while they try to calm Di Bao down. The trap broke: the sister called and persuaded Giandavid to come home. Still under the influence of drugs and unable to drive, the killer takes a taxi from Termini Station to the north of Rome. When he arrives via Cesare Lombroso, over Primavalle, it is now four o’clock on a Saturday. He takes off his clothes, which are still covered in blood, and collapses into an armchair. He hasn’t slept or eaten for two days and is collapsing. The agents would wake him up two hours later to bring him handcuffed before a judge. Pending guaranteed questioning before the examining magistrate and autopsy examinations, investigations continue to give a name to the first victims, one of whom has been partially identified. From prison, the man still adamantly claims he killed the “two Chinese girls” but not Martha Castano Torres, the 65-year-old Colombian.

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