Date, tracklist and duets from Sfera Ebbasta to Lazza

The new album by Shiva is ready and about to start, it is only a matter of hours. In the last days Andrew Arrigoni – that’s the first name of the Milanese rapper – sparked the hype of his fans by releasing a stunning teaser: Milan enveloped in a red cloud, almost a Hawkins threatened by the Stranger Things demogorgon, a series of Instagram Stories in which he promised Rap return in Milan and a series of references to the title of the new release.

Milan Demons is his new record, a year later sweet life (2021) and will be full of guests. Shiva’s new album will be released on Friday November 25th, the same year as the success of Dark Love EP and it will be an intimate journey with which the Milanese rapper has decided to tell his story.

Milan Demons consists of 17 tracks with a sprinkling of excellent guests Ebbasta Sphere to Lazzabut also Federica Abbate, geolier, Rhode, tedua and many others. Here is the full tracklist:

01 milan demons
02 cup
03 I Wish (feat. Lazza)
04 Take 4
05 Rollie AP (feat. Pyrex & Slings)
06 Handy (feat. Rhove & Bianca Costa)
07 Diamond
08 It’s not easy
09 Voicemail Message (Interlude)
10 Scars (feat. Tedua)
11 You don’t know
12 Of course
13 Hallelujah (feat. Sfera Ebbasta)
14 Clean money
15 Forgotten (feat. Fedrica Abbate)
16 Another Show (feat. Geolier)
17 If it were up to me

Shiva’s demons live in his head, as can be seen from the album cover, where we see Andrea Arrigoni in profile with his head on fire, where we also see himself in front of the cathedral.

On November 8th Shiva started take 4, track on the new album. Also this year the young rapper has collaborated with artists that we find in Milan Demons as guests: he performed in a duet with Paky, Noyz Narcos and Geolier days counted by The Night Skinny from the album Botoxwhile dueting with Ghali complicated by Rhove, from the album provincial.

His last collaboration was with Tha Supreme in Yesfrom the hard disk Special character.


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