Data of 500 million WhatsApp users for sale, including many Italians

In recent years, the phenomenon of data theft from users of large social platforms or companies dealing with web services has become increasingly frequent, and it seems that there are also among its victims. The WhatsApp.

Yes, on November 16, a person posted an announcement on a well-known hacker community forum, claiming that they are ready to sell a 2022 database with 487 million mobile phone numbers to WhatsApp users.

What we know about WhatsApp data at risk

Unfortunately, there are also Italians among the victims of this data theft, which should affect as many as 84 countries on all continents.

In particular, according to what can be learned, It will be 35 million numbers of Italian users32 million American users, 45 million Egyptian users, 20 million French users, 20 million Turkish users, 10 million Russian users, 11 million Ukrainian users.

If you are surprised by these numbers, you should keep in mind that according to the official data, WhatsApp can count on more than 2 billion users on a monthly basis.

The team of researchers at Cybernews asked the seller to be able to “taste” some of this data, and thus received a sample containing 1097 numbers for English users and 817 for US users, and after doing the necessary investigations, they were able to confirm that in fact these are the numbers Which is registered to the popular instant messaging service.

WhatsApp leak

The seller did not specify how it obtained the database, merely revealing that it used its own “strategy” to collect the data and reassuring Cybernews staff that all the numbers belong to active WhatsApp users.

Meta has not yet commented on the story even if this isn’t the first time the US giant has had to deal with its users’ data that has ended up on the web.

Unfortunately, user data security is an issue that affects all social platforms and which is probably not given due attention.

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