Dangerous BPER SMS to arrive from Lugano, to protect against fraud

There is a new BPER scam SMS circulating that has nothing to do with the well-known banking institution. An alarming message has reached a large number of Italians, to tell the truth, even those who have absolutely nothing to do with the financial group. Thus the latter may not believe the note but others, who already have a BPER account, really risk falling into the trap intended for them.

This is not the first time this has happened, but the BPER SMS set for the month of November 2022 differs from the previous ones due to the reference to Unusual access to the victim’s account by the city of Lugano. The way the letter is presented, without errors and apparently with the sender of the banking group, really indicates that we are in the presence of an official note. But this is not the case: if anything, the letter has been written and published before Hackers with the aim of stealing personal data for retail banking profiles.

In practice, the danger of a new fraudulent note lies, again, in the link that contains it. Naturally, this does not refer to the real BPER site but to a copy of it. By entering your access data into the login form, they are immediately placed in the hands of scammers. The trap ends when personal data is used at a later time To carry out unauthorized operations, and even the loss of large sums of money.

It is best not to give any weight to the current BPER SMS messages, as other similar or similar messages that could arrive in the future. The risk you take is by no means insignificant: a bank will never inform you of any unusual access to your account with a simple letter. If anything, when in doubt, it might be worth contacting your bank and checking the status of your funds without the slightest risk of falling into some kind of trap.

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